Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Published Post!

And I finally make it here...

Is it me, or Twitter has a weird way of taking one away from blogging? :-(

A lot has happened in the past 1 month, from my mum springing surprising statements, to losing my grandfather and going home for the burial, and now I'm home in bed, literally a walking pharmacy as I have to chug down 10+ pills a day!
Darn you sinusitis, malaria ++ and typhoid and Thank God for the extended weekend, precise timing.

(~The Mister~ is being extra sweet because I'm ill, I wonder if I can get away with extending my illness, LOL- lai lai. I miss being ok)

Thank you for checking on me, you.........yes you, the ones who left me comments and the ones who are reading this right now. Lol

The world is trying hard to kill my timely Internet pleasures.

Speaking of the burial, my granddad survived 86 years on earth, he sure lived well.
My dad being the 1st child had a huge responsibility to live up to and he did so, flawlessly. Burial turned into a 3day carnival. I read the lesson at the church service (English lesson for an Ibo service- *sheepish face), As the Ada(1st daughter) and oldest grandchild around I had to be there for my dad. It went pretty well. My grand dad was called “Onye Nkuzi” by every one (it means Teacher) - he held the kindred together for a long time before and after the Biafra war. It felt good to watch other people celebrate him, I felt good to have come from someone like that.

12 years ago was the last time I was home, Owerri looked pretty much the same to me, so did my village which is about 15mins from the main city. A lot of people thought I was my dad's wife(my mother by the way who is in Sudan right now providing medical aid- lets just say she's quite brave in her choice of countries to provide aid to) but they couldn't understand why i was looked so much younger- like duh! I have the right to grow too!

The funniest thing happened during my short visit home. My dad and friends were cooling off from their running around some where in the village and we bumped into them, my aunts and I, some recognized me and the others were more or less shocked that my dad had someone like me as his child. Then one of them says “I have a son who's getting married soon, he's 6ft tall, medical doctor, good looking”- and I said, “oh, congratulations” (trying to figure out why i was bestowed with such wonderful information), only for him to continue “I’m sure you guys will like each other” and I’m like” huh?” and in a split second I burst out laughing. Literally LOL!

Imagine this guy trying to shamelessly hook me up with his son. Do I look like I have "RIPE FOR MARRIAGE" boldly written across my forehead! I told him I was taken no offense, and he goes on to say, i haven't seen Ibo men in action, right now he's here with my dad, and all he has to do is pay my bride price and everything will be over. LMAO!!! This time, I say thanks for the offer but I'll pass, of course my aunties formed voltron force for me, and trust my dad not to utter a word! We left and I kept shaking my head thinking, what are parents up to these days?!

It’s back to work pretty soon *that sucks!. It’s the end of the year already...

I wonder what the last three months will hold......