Sunday, February 21, 2010

Music, Lyrics And Everything Else......

My best friend told me that break- up songs are the best songs in the world.

Believe me, he is right.

I guess it’s the fact that we can identify with the words and emotions of the singer.Well, I’m assuming only those of us with 1st hand experience agree with me.

Meanwhile being able to indulge in music while working rocks!

Lately I find myself listening to the words (Well, Googling the lyrics to most of them * smiley with a big grin*) and loving the logic behind some of the songs.

Take for instance Jay-z’s “Off that” from The Blue Print 3.

Jay raps about "your tomorrow being his yesterday"

I'm so tomorrow,
The Audemars are yesterday,
Which means you’re on time delay,
So even if I slow it doooown,
My sound is fast forward

(Uhm, Audemars makes watches...get the time delay logic?)

Meaning ……. “Whatever you’re about to discover we off that” And “you can’t bring the future back

I like a guy who has confidence in his achievements.

Mariah’s lyrics in “Up out my Face” cracks me up!

She sings about her breaking and giving the guy the boot.

“It's not chipped

We’re not cracked

Oh, we're shattered………..

It gets bad.

“Cause when I break, I break, I break

And no super glue can fix this”(huh?)

Then it gets worse

“When I break, I break, I break

Not even a welder and a builder could rebuild this

When I break, I break, I break

Not even a nail technician with a whole lot of gel and acrylic

Can fix this”- (LOL)

Then this…

“When I break, I break

If we were two Lego blocks

Even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010

Couldn’t put us back together again”- (Ouch!)

Totally hilarious, and I must say this song has grown on me.

Ever wonder what kids get up to these days?

A two year old child who was rated the slowest in development amongst his peers turned out to be the first child to make a 3 word sentence to his nursery teacher.

Go away…….Bitch

I know right.

Three weeks ago my 12 year old cousin poured water into the oil compartment of their generator.

Last week she dimmed it fit to find herself in her dad’s car cooling off, no thanks to the current heat situation in Lagos.

A few minutes later, there was no wall between their house and their neighbours .

She said “The car jumped”

I wonder how an automatic car jumps.

Yesterday, her sister misplaced the keys to their mum’s car

It was found in the freezer.

*Rolls Eyes*

That's what kids have been up too.

Have a Fab week People.....Hopefully some of us have only four working days this week.

Woo Hoo!

~Sirius~ Signing out

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do I Read Random Or What?

Stepped on a scale today.
And....... The Beach Body is Back!
I thought I'd never recover from my Christmas eating atrocities.
L-O-V-I-N-G my new body.
It's almost a perfect hour glass. I want to be like B when I grow up! That girl's body Is truly a wonderland.

If I wasn't me...
I'd have a baby for 50 Cents and be a millionaire. (So he can shut up with that song already)

Happy New Year People.

It's February already.
It's either me or there seems to be a Lack of "Lovers" out there this valentine. (Not surprising is it? Seeing that the John Terry's and Tiger Woods have taken over, And oh! The Irish Prime Minister's wife too)

(Ko easy ra ra, to be a "celebrity" wife/husband o!)
What's up with all the cheating People??

If I wasn't me, I'd painstakingly plot a revenge that would scar 2 particular human beings so badly that they'd wish they never crossed my path.

Why do I stare at my iphone and expect a light to blink? It's not my Berry for crying out loud.

If I wasn't me, I wouldn't care less of the things people do that directly affect me, Because I'll be too darn busy paying them back in their own coin and loving it.

I Thank God I Am Who I Am.....

If I wasn't me, I would fall for her.

It's frightening when your mind travels to weird places........ places that let you imagine the things you would do if you didn't believe in God and His word.

I am Happy. The Storm is Over, and I can see clearly now.

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