Friday, March 18, 2011

1 sheep, 2 Sheep, 3 Sheep....Randomly Bored emotional state experienced during periods lacking activity or when individuals are uninterested in their surroundings.

That's how I've been feeling lately.....extremely bored.

What's crazy is that I have tons of things to read my books! (yes education ain't easy) I'm currently enrolled in a certification program (work related), 5 exams, so far 3 down 2 more to go..........someone should please tell ~Sirius~ to read her books and not fall asleep when she gets to page 2 (that's if she even picks up the book to read)

So.......I love to cook! (as much as I love to eat *insert wide grin*)
Not to blow my trumpet or anything, I am actually quite good at it. Somehow God knew all of this and blessed me with a husband who enjoys to eat. A lot. (picky sometimes) but he is a sucker for very good food, and so FoodNetwork has me drooling every now and then.
When I was much younger, my Saturday mornings were strictly to cater to my dad and his friends, I would sauté snails and bush-meat in pepper and onions for for them to indulge.

In my late teens....After my Saturday routine had long gone with the wind. I still catered to just my dad....not snails anymore, maybe some dryfish pepper soup or anything he fancied (my dad is a hard man to please when it comes to food- that's why I can manage a husband with the same standards) My dad would tease me that if I ever was jobless that I should open a restaurant- And No, I don't think I ever will.
Now, I do a lot of continental dishes, a lot of sauces.....hubby skewed me in that direction, because he loves restaurant food.

This is as random as it gets.....I can't get the images of Japan out of my head.
A reminder that we should be grateful everyday we are alive.

Off to enjoy my weekend!..hopefully read my books after I catch up on my TV shows.

This is ~Sirius~ Signing out!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Sometimes I find myself having these moments where my mind travels down a chain of thoughts. Sometimes they occur randomly, sometimes they are triggered by things happening in peoples lives around me.

They say Life is about choices, but then they also say that we all have a Jacklly and Hyde in each of us.

I've always wondered what triggers human beings to listen to the little red guy with horns and a pitch fork instead of the calm white peaceful dude with cute clean fluffy wings.

Granted, I am no saint. I've had days when the offer from the red dude was just too awesome to resist......and some how he always made me repay me double if not more. Nowadays I try to keep him banished.

An incident occurred in my compound, where a tenant felt the guard was rude to her, and so she expressed her feelings of dissatisfaction to the relative living with her, and in less than ten minutes our guard could no longer see from one eye.
I asked myself, why? was that really necessary?

Same goes for life generally.

What really is the essence of revenge?

We all wake up everyday hoping to have a good day, perhaps a fantastic one, with most things if not everything working in our favour. We live our lives and sometimes we forget that our actions affect other people.
We are faced with choices on a daily basis, and I understand how sometimes these choices can be difficult, but does that mean because they are difficult that we should give up or take the easy way out by hurting the people around us? Is that really necessary?

I think sometimes we act on our emotions when we make decisions (which can lead to some very bad decisions), sometimes we subconsciously/generally just take other people for granted, just because we believe they won't mind, or they might never know, or they would understand. Sometime we hurt our loved ones by our actions just because we are upset at that moment in time.......and that's how we let the red guy with the pitch fork have his way, unfortunately for us we forget that one day those people will reach a point where they would give up on us too.

I wish every time we had to make a decision or a choice that we actually slow down and listen to the voice of reason, instead of close our eyes and snatch the pitch fork from the red dude.

I wish every time we had to make a choice we would halt, and take a good look at ourselves in the mirror and ask "Is it really necessary?"

It is easier to move forward and forget about almost making the wrong choice or decision, than to UNsay those words to a loved one even though deep down we never meant them. We can never UNcheat on our partner, same way we can never UNbeat a person. Sadly, we can never tell that person how we really feel about them when their dead and gone.

I guess I'm just upset about the incident. It was totally unnecessary and unfair.

I hope you have a good week people.

~Sirius~ Signing out.......