Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Ending...

My favourite month of the year.

Yesterday as I was driving home, I started thinking maybe I should do something different every day for all of June and end the month with a bang! The 30th is my birthday (and wedding anniversary :)) and for some strange reason I am actually excited about it this year….I never get excited about my birthday, so I am taking this as a good sign.

So, these 30 things I will be doing…I have totally no idea.
However I know I want to alternate between things I do for myself and things I do for other people.

I am still on track with my weight loss, and I’m loving it! Minus living a healthier life, there are just too many gorgeous dresses to be worn (made) and having a good body is very essential for that. I wore my pre pregnancy jean to work on Friday, not only did it fit, it’s getting loose already! I also noticed my measurements are back to my pre pregnancy state but not the weight on my scale, which I am fine with as my goal is no longer pre pregnancy weight.

ü      Milestone 1 achievement: Fit into non stretch pre pregnancy jeans. Done!
Milestone 2 achievement: Weigh 68kg (pre pregnancy weight) - 2 kilos away
Milestone 3 achievement: Lose ALL the jiggling- Many more jiggles to go
Milestone 4 achievement: Get a 6 pack- I see you! Somewhere in the near future….hehehe

I’m off to play some tennis, then attend a friend’s wedding and end the day going to a house party.
Someone please pass me a glass of champagne….

~Sirius~ signing out….XoXo

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Fat Loss 101: A Concise Guide To Rapidly Losing Body Fat

Aloha people!

*Sigh* A mum of twins!!...My inspiration right there, you can read her story by clicking on the link.

As you can tell from my title... I'm still on my weight loss journey. 2 months and counting.
I can see some light at the end of the tunnel, but the tunnel is pretty loooooong!

Made good progress so far. Eating for weight loss in Nigeria can be a huge pain.
I have a short write up that guides me...found it holy grail for body transformation, I also live on this website

What most people are not aware of, is that weight loss isn't going on a diet and working is a total lifestyle change and it takes time to achieve.
You're better off weight training if you have any intentions of losing fat, and mixing it up with some cardio. (even I have a hard time sticking to this, but i try to do something every week, even if it's only 2ce a week).

There is so much confusing info online that looking for a way out is a pain. Things I know for a fact-..DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON BOOKS, PILLS, DIETS, MACHINES THAT CAN GIVE YOU GREAT ABS IN 10 DAYS! all of those are LIES!

Fact- Nutrition is 80%, Exercise 20%
You need a calorie deficit EVERYDAY...(Reduce your portions, cut out the drinks, stop all the fast things that come from the ground, no packet or cans. The more natural the food, the better for you, drink at least half your body weight of water)

In other sister got engaged, so I have a glam wedding party to attend, that means a gorgeous dress, fabulous hair and great accessories.....I cannot wait (I can say this now because my body transformation has began and I have at least 7 months before the wedding to do more)...

Have to get back to work now.... that me 2 months before and after J

~Sirius~ Signing out......XoXo

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Polka Dot Monday!!!


So I might be back after all... :)

Thanks for the comments that directed me to Madam Sting's fat buster operation, very timely.
I joined the squad and you can follow us all here

As for me birthing my designs to life, that is on hold for now- my body is currently transitioning. However that won't stop me from adding to my portfolio of scrap designs and for the fun of it, showcasing my office ensemble. Say cheese! (I will need a reliable office colleague photographer at this rate ... I wonder who the unlucky person will be? I think I know already *evil grin*)

First and foremost, I am the average girl next door, most people who see me and are not close to me may argue that. But people like my dear friend Ms Caramel will tell you I'm so laid back that I'm horizontal...*halo*

Now, I am no fahionista, but I love to dress up to suit my body type (I've never really followed fashion per se, I think some trends are ridiculous), Mixing both now… Any trend that works with my style I just might adopt. Some one say polka dot/ Mono chrome

My style has a lot of fitted clothes (so you can understand my craze for weight loss) your body has to be right for fitted clothes to look good on you. Dresses, jeans, skirts etc. I go through a colour phase sometimes

Above all, I love my pumps! yes, high heels are sexy ( some people say I tend to look intimidating in them), but I prefer to be comfortable all day.

So I guess you know what the final ensemble looks like. No need to put up a full picture....hehehehe.

Have a great week ahead people!

~Sirius~ Signing out!!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

She's backkkkk...

Well….at least for now J

It’s mid-April already, this year seem to be on a roller coaster.
I did find myself after my last post. I reconnected to Jesus and every other thing fell into place.
*Someone shout Halleluiah!

I've always had a hard time trying to figure out my passion or what I was created to do. I still haven’t figured it out, time and chance haven’t quiet made their way to me and it makes me feel bad sometimes.
On the other hand, there are things I love to do/ things I think I would love to do (but when I see how other people express themselves in those areas, I tell myself, Naa…you don’t know jack! Don’t bother, just admire them from a distance)

*That’s bad…and I know this.

I have decided to take my life/destiny into my own hands and take a leap of faith and NO… I am not launching a fashion line/ style house (yet) or becoming a nutrition expert (yet) and neither am I becoming a weight loss coach any time soon.
But the things I love to do, I will continue to do and enjoy them, learn more about them, become better at them and wait for time and chance to have a date with me J

As you all know the reality of motherhood is quiet heavy.
1.       You lose your body
2.       You lose “me” time
3.       You come last on the list
4.       You become a super human being  joggling life, work & family
Just to mention a few.

I never really got my pre pregnancy body back after my darling N was born. I did look super 3 months after (almost back) to my normal weight and size and somehow I lost it after that.
I tried all sorts of short cuts (silly me) and of course none worked! Spending money that I should have used on fabrics and paying a tailor to bring my designs to life. hissss
Now I am currently on the only thing that works. Sensible eating and exercise!!!

I have gone on this journey more than 2ce in my life time and the key ingredients are patience and discipline! However with my new lifestyle, those 2 ingredients are very far off (my patience is reserved for N- the most hyper active kid ever).  I decided to try one last time, and……drum roll! After 1 month I tried on my wedding dress, and I was able to zip it to the top! Yaaaay! HUGE MILESTONE.  (I did look fuller and more womanly, no thanks to childbearing hips)

Now my goal for weight loss is to get a six pack *coughs*

Timeline is 1 year.  Slow and steady they say wins the race.
I will go into details in my next couple of posts, on my weight loss journey (especially nutrition habits with Nigerian foods), exercising.
I need to do this for myself… just in case I find myself in the same boat again.

As for my love for fabrics, styles &designs. I will also post about them in whatever form I choose to.
Best believe, I will be my own model for some posts….whoop whoop!
I'm so done with remaining anonymous.

Have a great Wednesday people!!!

~Sirius~ Signing out….

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

What did Baby ~Sirius~ say to Mama ~Sirius~

Grabs broom, inserts stick at the bottom, grabs flashlight and begins to find way to blog.

Months later...

*Phew! I can't believe it's taken the end of year syndrome or should I say new year syndrome to bring me out of my hiatus.

Well, what can I say. At least I'm here now :)

I just did a before and after examination of myself: shocking discovery (or not). My before says to my after "Sweet Jesus! Girl, what on earth happened to you?"
You used to be like me, you know: young and alive! passionate and excited (not that you don't look young) but... you look DEAD.

Alive but Dead.
No passion, no excitement, distant and lost.

Hanging my head in shame, I realize that this is true.
Not proud of it, but I just let life and its trials get the best of me.
What on earth happened to me?

In recent times I've been thinking about death more often than usual, I have all the bad news from 2012 causing this, and my worst fear is to die without living!

Things happen in one's life and you're not sure how to recover, you get overwhelmed by other milestones like giving birth and becoming a mother (yet to come to terms with that one till date). You hate your body and yet can't be disciplined enough to lose the last 10kilos so you can be a perfect size 10.
You lack passion for the things you love, so much so that it begins to kill the love.
You yearn desperately for something and instead it keeps going farther away from you.
It feels like the world is against you. You have no reason to try, no reason to hope, no faith to believe.

You just exist.

That sucks...

What's amazing is the fact that I'm surrounded by things that should move me, things that should keep my fire burning, however I chose to ignore them. Just because things were not how I wanted them to be.
This morning, I looked at my husband get ready and leave for work, I smiled in my head and it was warm. I have an awesome life partner.
As for our son, Have you looked into his eyes? will fall madly in love with him instantly, him and his bag of tricks.

I didn't make any new years resolutions, but I have began to live by the grace of God.
I am appreciating life and its moments. I will not stop yearning, I will keep my hope and faith alive.
I seize to just exist.

Life is really too short to die sad & unhappy.
I choose to live!
I choose to do right by myself and the people that I love in my life.
I choose to dream
I choose to chase my dreams.
I choose to love
I choose to love passionately.
I am eager and excited!

A little light was all I needed to overcome my dark days :)

It's 2013 people.

~Sirius~ signing out.

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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness......

I'm sure someone out there will read that title and it will hit them, that is exactly what they are doing.

On the contrary, I am currently not addicted to a certain type of sadness any more..... I just happen to love a certain song called "somebody that I used to know" by Gotye and that powerful line came from the song.

It's amazing how words still have a very strong hold on me.

In other news it's May! can you believe that?! (errr....of course you already do). The year is heading for the finish line and I think it's leaving me behind. I thought I would be a millionaire by now, however living from pay cheque to pay cheque is the wrong way to go about it ( or Not) *wink.
I'm sure for other people Airtel has the answer on how to be a millionaire by age 24........hissssss "fast is an attitude" my foot!

I refuse to bore you with any mummy details :) but if the young man could sprint for the Olympics he would. I thought I was the energizer bunny, you all should meet the little man. He'll wear you out in 2 minutes.

I'm loving colours now. I even wear red lipstick. And yes.....those are my loucious lips.

Colours lift your mood.....and good music too.

I miss here....

A lot has been going on around, from Boko Haram, to us Manchester United fans giving up on the team wining this season, to BBA Stargate (for the addicts), to the scam that this country is- Nothing works and we just keep living our lives while absolutely nothing is being done about it. Everything is tied to a "cabal".....hissss

I get really tired about everything sometimes

I need change. Positive change.

Loving the new blogger actually made me want to put up a post.

In other news
I want to watch Avengers o!!! Boko haram should please allow me.

My Boo has a question......

"Are you guys really sure Nigeria will get better any time soon?"

Isn't he soooo cute? *wide grin*

~Sirius~ Signing out!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Will Be Will Be

So, my 2011 was full of many highs and lows, so many that I couldn't wait to start 2012. I wanted to quickly forget some things that happened, finally get over some other things and not have to ponder on bitter sweet life changing experiences.

And so I ended the year with a bang! A full house filled with family - what more could I ask for. First christmas with the little man, I had to bring  my Mommy A-game on. ( If anyone had told me years ago that I would be married, let alone be a Mom, I would have bet my life on their insanity: that's a story for another day).
We had a wonderful Christmas and I started the tradition that my mum used to keep, leaving presents wrapped under the Christmas tree for everyone in the house. It was pure bliss seeing their faces light up as they unwrapped their gifts.  My darling husband wouldn't let me rest because he wanted to see what he got long before Christmas day. However I survived his torments, and he had no choice but to wait.

Taking a break off work to be with family was grand. I can tell you for free that juggling your life as a woman, a career woman, a wife, a mom, a friend, a daughter ain't Easy!

I am almost back to my pre pregnancy weight. *whoop whoop* even though I still have about 7kg to lose to get there, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel having lost a total of 18kg in the last four months. In other words ~Sirius~ is a yummy mummy.
I swear by Jillian Michaels. That woman's workout works on fat cells that have not moved in the last 10yrs.
After going through all this, I can't understand the how women give birth more than once.#justsaying ( Feel free to judge me)

I decided that 2012 will be the year I Live.
Live life to the fullest, no inhibitions.
Because life is darn to short.

So, you can imagine the year opening in grand style for me. A thankful heart, a prophetic word from Sunday morning service and then GEJ's wonderful fuel subsidy announcement. I say- All things work together for good for those who love Him. We shall continue to #OccupyNigeria

My life is going to be what I decide to make out of it.
And so will our lives as Nigerians. If we decide to fight this to the end, then we will not only succeed for ourselves, but for our children as well.

My little man is just too adorable to give up the good fight. He says happy new year to you all, and may 2012 be whatever you want it to be for you.

~Sirius~ and Lil S' signing out.