Monday, November 24, 2008


“Oh Shit!” you have got to be kidding me, I have an hour and a half to make it to the mister’s, pick up my forgotten package and head back to the airport. I hope I don’t miss my flight……what was I thinking, how could I have been so forgetful, then again how couldn’t I and now I can’t get through to him, Tsk! What else can go wrong!  My car is in the parking lot to be moved  tomorrow, I have my spare keys on me as always. At this point L.Hamilton has nothing on my driving, it’s a Sunday evening thank God no traffic, still no luck getting through, these flipping networks should be burned. Arrrgh!

I pull up outside and run into the compound, We had said our physical goodbyes about 3 hours ago so I guess this was a bonus, back door was open a good sign, music blaring from his room, I have 40 more minutes to make it back to the airport or I miss my trip (Lord knows my shop therapy is long overdue I can’t afford to wait one more day) Silly me, I had left my mother’s letters and cheques on the table in the heat of hot kisses goodbye and I’ll miss you like crazy, going away for 3 whole weeks! This was a first ever since we met. “Babe……….Babe?” looking through the pile of books and magazines, he must have seen it and moved it, “Babe, did you see my………” walking to his room, door ajar music flowing out I shove the door and I stand still for the next 5 seconds, it felt more like 10 minutes………my man had his tongue down his  Exs throat!

Of course a million and one things start going through my head. I snap out of my trance, they feel foolish, I totally ignore them thinking to myself my trip couldn’t have come at a much better time. I ask for my envelope and leave without saying one word more. I hop into my car and do Louis 2times over.  Along the way Tainted Love starts blaring through my phone- it’s his ringtone by the way, I thought to myself, is this dude for real? My sister was in for trouble, she’ll probably never fly with me again after I lash out at her.

I’ve always been skeptical about guys and their Exes, especially if they were together at foundation points in their lifetime, so I try to stay away from such guys. I know the power I have over my ex (who has began hounding me again- dude get the message!). If I wanted to I could wreck any relationship he has, that’s how deep we were, But I chose the path of walking out and not looking back, life is a lot easier without so much drama. I only feel sad and sorry for the other girl because he still calls and begs to get back with me, “So, what is she to you?" I say to him….”Your Substitute?”………..As my mind wandered I thought to myself -Is that what I have become to him?


A Substitute, not the real thing, because he can’t have the real thing for some odd reason or the other, Hells No! I didn’t sign up to be his substitute and I definitely ain’t staying as one. Ever since I found out she existed- after we had been together for 6 months I never really felt comfortable, I mean who keeps their ex out of the picture for that long, all because your new love will never understand the relationship that was, or rather still is, seeing that their tongues were interlocked a couple of minutes ago.

Getting out of the car, 19 more minutes to go and the boarding gates would be closed, my sister had been calling me and I couldn’t pick up her call, all for the fear that I might breakdown on the phone, running all the way I make it on time with 5 minutes to spare, I find my seat and my sister who scowls at me, but that’s the least of my problems right now, I sit and the river begins to flow……….my sister calls my name and for a while I don’t respond, I just let the tears flow then she shakes me calling my name a little bit louder………….”Sleepy head, I’m going to Segi’s, pick me up at 5 on your way to the airport my stuff is in the car"

"Oh Shit!" You have got to be kidding me.........

Friday, November 14, 2008

Dark Light

If there's anything I can't stand is being accused falsely or unjustly,especially by people whom you think know you. As for people who don't know me yet make out time to accuse me and call me names......I couldn't care less, I know the truth So there's no need beating myself for some random person's accusations!!!!  PHeww! That said.....
I happen to be one hell of an easy-go-lucky person, I don't get angry, I'm always grateful and thankful, Always happy, smiling and laughing on my non PMS days (and some people seem to think it's annoying.........their loss) but sometimes I wish and wonder what kind of life I would live if there was no good, bad, evil and no God. 
You'd have time to think about such things if you have to drive long distance or sit in traffic for a couple of hours daily, the mind really wanders to weird places. For starters I know that I would be Goth (not saying they are bad people) there's just something about being dark that I can identify with. My career path would definitely be in the lines of highly skilled assassins, there's also something about killing people too - I do believe a Picture of Angelina Jolie from Wanted or Mr and Mrs Smith speaks well on this one. A seductress- compulsory and if vampires exists I would also find myself as one of them untouchable ones. After my assassination days are over, I'd marry a Mafia Lord and help him run his empire. These are but a few of my dark thoughts, Well I'm happy there is a God (My Light), hence all my foolish mind wanderings out the window (I think I've been watching too much ..........then again, I don't think so, I can be dark like this sometimes)
Ok, I feel like I'm rambling, I have to stop writing, Oh! I forgot to mention I'd also be a witch (if they exist)

*eXHALING.........So I've let my mood swing get a better part of me. Tsk!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Single View

So I’m still swamped with work, story of my life…….My senior manager is getting married on Friday, little me was left to assume his position and workload! I’m constantly being teased by the other older colleagues, imagine being called young madam or country head in the making all day.

Obviously, working with my manager in the last couple of months I’ve heard all sorts about wedding/marriage to last my life time, first of all I’ve never been bothered about this whole marriage thing, I can be a bit of a weirdo, some people  (including myself) refer to me as psycho but hey, I love me. For as long as I can remember I never wanted to get married, As far as I was concerned being single for the rest of my life was always option A ,  (and to think I grew up in “the perfect family” with “the perfect childhood”), unfortunately or should I say fortunately for me, I’m at the point where all my friends are married, quarter to marry or plain freaking out about getting married (I never understand why they freak out), on the other hand  I hear some girls even have their parents hassling them and telling them they are RIPE  for marriage (RIPE!........ RIPE! Are we fruits??) I thank God my parents are not the type, my brain finds it hard to accept the whole marriage thing, instead it keeps on listing out in bullet points the trials and tribulations of a failing marriage, and I think to myself, why waste time battling such issues when you can easily spend time doing the things you love.

Not to mention my phobia for being pregnant, that whole labour pain, naaaaaah men! I’m definitely  not cut out for it, For starters I don’t even carry new born babies, because I think they would fall  out my hands or I would crush them-  tiny 'lil creatures, bless them. But before I even get to the phobia, I think I know what puts me off the most!  It’s the pre-wedding and the actual wedding; notice how I didn’t say the marriage this time. I mean, why does one have to go through all those ridiculous processes, if it’s not one side or both sides of the parents disagreeing, it’s the amount of money and time spent preparing the wedding, from asoebe, to music, to food, to venue, to cake, clothes you name it , even when there’s a planner issues still arise, and I hear most times it takes a couple of months for couples to recuperate, I mean what’s that? What’s the point? When the resources can be used to start life together, instead you get complaints after the wedding of how food didn’t get to everybody, after spending tons of money, Mcheww! Darn them!

 The only way I see myself ever getting married is having the smallest wedding ceremony ever for a 1st daughter, having my partner as my best mate and knowing together we can make it through earth , wind and fire and let’s not forget, pain free babies. If I can have it this way, then I'll sign up………. if not I shall remain free as a bird.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Attention Marvel: SuperHero In The White House.

This was supposed to be an entirely different post, but hell yeah! O-B-A-M-A, OBAMA, Obama!  Two things:

1.       1. GOD, and only GOD did this.

2.       2. Anything IS possible.

History has been written IN MY GENERATION!..............For we have come at such a time as this.