Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Dividends Of Labour



Last time I checked it was ~Sirius~

She seriously can’t be calling me, can she?.

~Suiris~”............Uhmmm, me?

Yes you...........why the lost look?.........you can’t have that look now, it’s 8 hours away from your runway show, every second counts.


A bit confused- I was so sure those were background dreams, I actually haven’t birth “House of Double O” yet.

My goodness it’s a freaking Tuesday and I’m supposed to be getting ready for work- who is she and what the hell is she talking about.

I must be dreaming...........or so I thought.




Oh no...........Not again!




"Not you, Me!"

Why on earth is he yelling?

Can't he see I am awake, no need to end my hearing ability.

"Of course you...................... what do you mean by me?"

I can hear you loud and clear!

"If I have to pour a glass of cold water all over you to get you out of whatever zone you are in...............I WILL!"

Get up...........we have a plane to fly in 4hrs.

Right!, I say...............


"~Sirius~"......Did I hear that right?

Somebody actually gets it right.

You don't say.


I actually recognize the Voice and face.

~The Mister~


”Yes baby”. As I try to wake up.

"Happy Birthday........."

I look at the time, it’s 2:00am

"Thank you" I shy away

I Love you Birthday girl”................”Love you too”

I fall right back to sleep


I’ve always wondered what my life would have been like if I had made different life changing decisions.

I don’t regret anything that has happened to me.

In fact..........I believe the path I walk (even though I might be a late bloomer in some aspects of my life) I believe it is the best path for me.

And I know this because God walks with me.

And to Him I am eternally grateful and thankful for my Life.

His Grace is indeed Sufficient for me.

I have grown a lot in the last one year.

Thanks to the many battles I had to face- I defeated you all! He he he

And also the people who were patient enough with me whilst I learnt the new things they taught me.

It’s my day today.............

And I am HAPPY!

PS: The Mister did the most amazing thing ever! Remember how I cried about my new makeup that got stolen 2 months ago, make up I had just invested in from my last trip- well, he went out and bought every single item back with a cute purse to put them all in! And what moved me was the fact that after his research- he handpicked every item from the store himself- he didn’t just let anybody bring stuff to him to select, he went to the stores and picked them himself

So today it's me, him, my BlackBerry and my new Make up!

I mean, What more could a girl want?

Friday, June 19, 2009

In My Head.....

Driving behind a bus with a sticker that says

"EDITIOR WANTED?........For your books, Magazines, Newspaper. Call......"

Yah......And you can't spell editor.
I hope people I know never come across anything you have to edit.

Caught up with an old pal on IM.
He freaked me out.
He'd like to marry me.
Ummmh......dude I've known you for 8years.
Where on earth did that come from?

I got a suprise on sunday.
The Mister got me a sexy gadget.
I'm about to become a CrackB addict.

Perfect Birthday gift if you ask me.
But my birthday is not until another 10days.
Now I'm excited!

I've always wondered why they say "For better or for worse"
Not anymore.

My ex called.

He went to pay for his girlfriend's engagement ring.
But he broke down.
Says the ring was for the wrong girl.
It's a tad bit late now...........I'm gone.

I'm ready for change.......

I'm not Scared anymore.......

Music is indeed good medicince for your soul.

Listening to:

"Let's stay together, Loving you whether, the
Times are good or bad, happy or sad
                                                                - Al Green 

Shona, Funms, Kookie and Ms Jayla put me in the zone..........

Tweet Friday Girls!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How Low can you go?


Blog hopping as I usually do,

I read this.

Had me thinking about people in relationships, and why they had to do all sorts of shameful nonsense only to fulfill their selfish desires.

Fair enough dude eventually told the truth about his feelings, after letting things get deep between them. Sucks if you ask me.

In other cases,

You'd have people who would just let things go on, keep you with them and keep thinking about the other person.

Or his type. 

Or the ones who would try to keep the both of you.

Or the ones who get the message and move on after fighting it.


I have two friends who went through different scenarios.....Story for another day.

A case of an ex and a cheating  boyfriend.

With the cheating boyfriends...

Why do they have to stoop so low?

For me it's easy- especially if you have cheated before- you know the consequences.

End your relationship and chase your new fish, when you're tired you go after a new one, until you get it in your numb skull that every girl/guy is the same at the end of the day.

But Noooooooo, they will go through the stress of sending stupid texts or making calls when their wives/girlfriend/fiances  -Vice Versa -are not around- or even worse wait for them to go to the kitchen/bathroom/ out of the house.

If that isn't bad enough, you have the ones who are so silly to change names on their phones- I mean- do you really think the other person is that dumb?

If he/she was dumb, you wouldn't be with him/her in the 1st place.....(My ex did that once, knowing the kind of person he was, I was far from suprised.)- Had a family friend who found out her boyfriend had saved her name as "Dapo" on his phone- and she's Ibo- LOL!

Lets not even talk about the ones that are married, some even married with kids! and they have the nerve to lie about it.

Or is it the ones that go through the pains of covering their tracks, by cutting off incoming calls, switching their phones off when you're with them, deleting call logs and text messages.

I mean......What do you really GAIN?

I think it's only fair that you consider the other person.

For the fact you have a heart pumping blood,

Literally have a heart.

If you can't control your urges.CHOOSE!!!

Don't do that nonsense of having a wife/girlfriend yet you're sharing intimacy with someone else.

It can be easily done to you, and you better believe- You will NOT like it.

PS: Venting on behalf of my broken hearted friends.

PPS: Birthday is in exactly two weeks.......Nooooooooooo excitement what so ever.

PPPS: I feel numb...............