Sunday, June 14, 2009

How Low can you go?


Blog hopping as I usually do,

I read this.

Had me thinking about people in relationships, and why they had to do all sorts of shameful nonsense only to fulfill their selfish desires.

Fair enough dude eventually told the truth about his feelings, after letting things get deep between them. Sucks if you ask me.

In other cases,

You'd have people who would just let things go on, keep you with them and keep thinking about the other person.

Or his type. 

Or the ones who would try to keep the both of you.

Or the ones who get the message and move on after fighting it.


I have two friends who went through different scenarios.....Story for another day.

A case of an ex and a cheating  boyfriend.

With the cheating boyfriends...

Why do they have to stoop so low?

For me it's easy- especially if you have cheated before- you know the consequences.

End your relationship and chase your new fish, when you're tired you go after a new one, until you get it in your numb skull that every girl/guy is the same at the end of the day.

But Noooooooo, they will go through the stress of sending stupid texts or making calls when their wives/girlfriend/fiances  -Vice Versa -are not around- or even worse wait for them to go to the kitchen/bathroom/ out of the house.

If that isn't bad enough, you have the ones who are so silly to change names on their phones- I mean- do you really think the other person is that dumb?

If he/she was dumb, you wouldn't be with him/her in the 1st place.....(My ex did that once, knowing the kind of person he was, I was far from suprised.)- Had a family friend who found out her boyfriend had saved her name as "Dapo" on his phone- and she's Ibo- LOL!

Lets not even talk about the ones that are married, some even married with kids! and they have the nerve to lie about it.

Or is it the ones that go through the pains of covering their tracks, by cutting off incoming calls, switching their phones off when you're with them, deleting call logs and text messages.

I mean......What do you really GAIN?

I think it's only fair that you consider the other person.

For the fact you have a heart pumping blood,

Literally have a heart.

If you can't control your urges.CHOOSE!!!

Don't do that nonsense of having a wife/girlfriend yet you're sharing intimacy with someone else.

It can be easily done to you, and you better believe- You will NOT like it.

PS: Venting on behalf of my broken hearted friends.

PPS: Birthday is in exactly two weeks.......Nooooooooooo excitement what so ever.

PPPS: I feel numb...............


CaramelD said...

Baby girl! My one and only! Step away from the dark side! Walk towards the light and Milo and maybe shortbread.......

Both men and women who play those games, have an audacious type of strength. I couldn't keep up that type of duplicity! It's hard work and very skanky!!!

Funms-the rebirth said...

happy birthday in advance.....
i feel ur rant.... cheating itself is hard work, so y bother and its so funny when guys think some women are that dumb not to notice whats going on....

chayoma said...

mehn, relationship wahala bugs me :)

K said...

You need to remind us about your birthday...we'll give you ideas!

As for why anyone cheats or agrees to cheat with it will always be a matter of what one thinks they can get away with. guys and girls both cheat knowing the consequences of cheating still do it. Thats why they hide it or try to, thats why they try to lie their way out of it. but the common thing is they do it thinking they wont get caught but it all falls down eventually.

Tigeress said...

am i 1st?

Tigeress said...

hisssss i guess not. let me go and read.

Tigeress said...

To avoid such heart aches i'll suggest you read this book- Choosing God's Best by Don Raunikar. This is a MUST read!

Bibi said...

well, i have to say that cheating is not just about the sex i think. i think it also has to do with the idea of getting caught. the excitement of doing something that's so obviously wrong and getting away with it. why do you think that most times, when cheating has been discovered, the cheater and the person he/her's cheating with stop the charade? it's really because the initial excitement is over. and then they prolly move to someone else. and also they feel like they might be getting something that their spouse isn't giving them or doesn't have. thats why i keep telling my friends, you have to have more than physical beauty because if a man is drawn by your physical beauty alone, he will definately cheat on you. because you are not the most beautiful woman on this earth. if you're beautiful, there must be someone even more beautiful than you out there. so what stops him from pursuing that? i am not giving an excuse for cheating because it is ABSOLUTELY wrong and dispiseful. Sorry bout the long post. tend to get carried away sometimes. lol. nice post.

Plussize Goddess said...

i know what you mean jare. some people can be so selfish! cheating without a backward glance at who they're hurting.nice post.

BSNC said...

I hope you friend feels better. Well your day is still in 2 weeks, hopefully you will be excited on the D-day.

Hope you feel better too.

MilesPerHour said...

I believe that some of the worst pain in my life has come from a cheating spouse. GF ended her marriage due to the same. Although this happened to both of us many years ago, as far as I am concerned it is a scar that will always be there.

doll said...


doll said...

ok..maybe not first afterall...LOL...nice post

webround said...

for some cheats, the thrill is all in the cheating and not just the skirts; knowing that they are not supposed to be with 'B' whilst already with 'A' is what gives them their kick

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

yes o! u said it well!!!
question?: Y do guys cheat when they are attached to another girl they 'love'!! asin they say they 'love' this person seriously without jokes but they are cheating?..............kmt!

Muse said...

easy there, tiger!

Anonymous said...

Nne, I feel you. I dont know jare for all this mem. Relationships are stupid anyways so yer. I dont even know anymore.