Thursday, July 23, 2009

~A Little Light Is all I Need~

So this post started out on an entirely different note. In fact it was going to be a copy and paste post (Which I will do, another day), but that’s out the window now, thanks to the song that I’m currently listening to. On repeat.


A word that comes and goes

But few people really know

What it means to Love Somebody


Though the tears may fade away

I’m so glad your Love will Stay

‘cos I love you.

And you showed me Jesus

“What it really means to Love”

It gets deeper.

The nights that I’ve cried you Love me

When I should have died you Love me

I’ll Never know why you love me

(But I’m grateful Jesus)

When all hope is gone you Love me

You gave me a song that you Love me.

Now I can go on, ‘cos you Love me

And Now I know what it really means to LOVE.

Music and the events in one’s life. I remember Crying and trembling while singing this song at the top of my voice repeatedly in the bathroom after a huge fight with my ex. He had hit me- and of course the only person I turned in the bathroom was Jesus. I told myself love wasn’t outside the bathroom door- It was in me, Through Jesus. I didn’t need his fake love. *hissss

So I’ve been moody in the last two days, coupled with the fact that I’m having my allergy on another level.

But tomorrow is Friday.

And with some light from Kirk and Angie.

I say "Damn the mood!"

My Sunshine has come and there’s No more rain in my clouds, ‘’cos I’m all cried out!- Go Angie!

Tweet Music Friday Tweeps...... (Shona, Ms Jayla, Funms, Kookie, VimfromZim, Juiceegirl, bumight Kemberly, And our very own twudes debuting this Friday – Haven’t sent them the memo though. Iamcerberus and medianemesis)

Music feeds my Soul........Have a great weekend people!

& lets #lightupnigeria!

PS: I see Blogsvillie is slowly getting out of it's recession.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is A Test

Scores to be awarded in percentages.
On a scale of 1 - 10, rate the following:

1. Your way of life, in terms of doing right.
2. Your relationship with family
3. Your relationships with friends and colleagues.
4.Your love life.
5. Your career/ School or both
6. Your happiness
7. Your being content.
8. Your dreams- if you have any
9. Your ability to seize an opportunity
10.Your choices.

Submit all scores to yourself- 70% and above is an A.

Your next step depends on the your overall score.

Make sure you test yourself to day.

PS: fooling around with my mobile device- just making sure I can post from it.
But on a serious note. Get TESTED!
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