Thursday, July 23, 2009

~A Little Light Is all I Need~

So this post started out on an entirely different note. In fact it was going to be a copy and paste post (Which I will do, another day), but that’s out the window now, thanks to the song that I’m currently listening to. On repeat.


A word that comes and goes

But few people really know

What it means to Love Somebody


Though the tears may fade away

I’m so glad your Love will Stay

‘cos I love you.

And you showed me Jesus

“What it really means to Love”

It gets deeper.

The nights that I’ve cried you Love me

When I should have died you Love me

I’ll Never know why you love me

(But I’m grateful Jesus)

When all hope is gone you Love me

You gave me a song that you Love me.

Now I can go on, ‘cos you Love me

And Now I know what it really means to LOVE.

Music and the events in one’s life. I remember Crying and trembling while singing this song at the top of my voice repeatedly in the bathroom after a huge fight with my ex. He had hit me- and of course the only person I turned in the bathroom was Jesus. I told myself love wasn’t outside the bathroom door- It was in me, Through Jesus. I didn’t need his fake love. *hissss

So I’ve been moody in the last two days, coupled with the fact that I’m having my allergy on another level.

But tomorrow is Friday.

And with some light from Kirk and Angie.

I say "Damn the mood!"

My Sunshine has come and there’s No more rain in my clouds, ‘’cos I’m all cried out!- Go Angie!

Tweet Music Friday Tweeps...... (Shona, Ms Jayla, Funms, Kookie, VimfromZim, Juiceegirl, bumight Kemberly, And our very own twudes debuting this Friday – Haven’t sent them the memo though. Iamcerberus and medianemesis)

Music feeds my Soul........Have a great weekend people!

& lets #lightupnigeria!

PS: I see Blogsvillie is slowly getting out of it's recession.


chayoma said...

beautiful lyrics....
recession is gradually fading away

Lolia said...

Enlighten me dear...Which recession?

And how exactly does this light up nigeria thing work?

Meanwhile...loveeeee that song :)))

mizchif said...

What's d name of the song?

And what r u doing up by this hr??

Gee said...

awwwww its soo lovely!
I'm such a fan of it huh!

CaramelD said...

Oh the song from Angie, I used to sing it through university. Ahhhhh!

Fight the mood, let the light through. I had this same issue two nights ago and then I stumbled on Ron Kenoly on YouTube...I was singing praise songs till 1am. I felt great!

Writefreak said...

I love that song...isn't it amazing how some songs just minister to us when we really need them?

Hope you're good

cerberus said...

Tell me about music friday...

Glad to see you step out of your mood

Viva la vida guapa!!!

bumight said...

i knew there was a reason why i had that Angie song stuck up in my head for the past couple of days!

yeah, we need more than a little light #lightupnigeria, lol!

Tisha said...

True love is God's love.
I love cos He loved me first

Thank God you are through with ur ex
and you had the love of God already or you would have just stayed with him.

Jayla. said...

Yeah this song and DC's Through with love does it for me

David C Brown said...

There can be nothing better than to enjoy being loved by God!

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

I enjoyed reading!
Glad you have a run-away place lol
btw when you said he had 'hit' you what did that mean?? good post~

Afrobabe said...

yeah we are all coming out of the woodworks...including you...

your ex beat u up?? you should have gathered the boys and have them teach him a lil lesson.

webround said...

nice lyrics

in btw, i still can't fathom how a guy can hit his girlfriend or wife...

Naughty Eyes said...

Signing in late... Meant to mail you actually but that's not possible due to circmstamces beyond my control so I thought "Why not grab a little light?"

I don't know why guys hit women. I'm yet to even think of reaching that level of anger myself but I pray I never will. Yes, Music does work wonders for the troubled soul...

And thanks for including me on Music Fridays!

PS: #lightupnigeria!!!

Rita said...

How are you doing now?

Tigeress said...

Beautiful song by Kirk Franklin. I have it on my ipod. :)
Thanks for sharing the lyrics.

O'Dee said...

I love this song.
Glad you found some comfort in it.
You definitely dont need fake love.


very nice.

So I wasn't the only one suffering from blogeritis, eh? Well, I'm back (as per my ..>Easier... blog anyway) and will resume regular blogging tomorrow. The TTTEC issue is a serious one. Trying to finish drafting it up for tomorrow (Friday July 31).

Take care babe! See you on Twitter


aloted said...

Lovely post..and u r right...No one can love us like HE does...pls will it be possible to add the song to your blog..will like to listen. thanks