Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My MileStone....

30th June, 2010.

My birthday this year.

A decision taken.

A choice made.

A new me.

For I was carefully and wonderfully made.

....This is the beginning of the best of the rest of my life.

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Ramble State Of Mind

So I am not your average girl.

I don't care about a lot of things. (my friends don't bother with me anymore)
I do some odd things that contradict the unspoke rules in life.
Sometimes I forgive the people who have done the most evil things to me in all of my lifetime,
and yet have a hard time letting go of a random person who decided to let her selfish acts scar me.
(Maybe because I obliterate the evil doers in my head. Just saying)

What's the point of special days when sometimes they only cause pain?

Sometimes I really wish I had the chance to meet certain people differently.

Of late, the last 2-3 years to be precise; I noticed I've become too emotional for my liking.
Too emotional that I cry so easily at the most trivial emotional rifts.
(I really have to stop that)
I hate being emotionally drained. It kills my soul.

As good as life is, things happen and I find myself in "the zone"

Things I do not like.

Things that leave a bitter taste in my mouth.

And I just want to be left alone.

Most of the time I wish I could erase those things, sadly I don't see that happening during my stay on planet earth.

I always believe there is a reason why "that thing" happened to me.

Leaving me to analyze and learn my lesson *KMT*

These things leave me with two choices.

Either be a big girl, not cry and suck it up.

Or, be a girl and cry a river.........

Then there's the subconscious telling me that it could have been much worse, so be glad.

*Rolling my eyes*

Listening to A.keys "Try sleeping with a broken heart"
Something I am very familiar with.
It hurts like hell that's for sure.

Moving on................

A couple of quotes and pictures to have you saying hmmmmmm.......

Hell, it's NOT okay!!!!

I Know right......

You don't say......

I always knew that!

Or Not.......

This one is for me......

And you too.....

You're damn right.

Aaaaaaah (lol)........Not sure about the faces on these figures though. Are you sure it's not the other way round? *wink*

It's my birthday next week, yay!

I'm sure to close June in a fabulous way...........I'm gonna get me a mind, body, spirit and soul over haul as a gift to myself.

A new ~Sirius~ is brewing.

Have a nice weekend people.

We Love you M.J..................Rest in Peace

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Routine Check

I switch on my laptop.
I connect to the world wide web.
I click on my goolge chrome icon.
I log on to my regular sites. Google, Gmail, and the others, my blogger dashboard actually the first to be opened.
I check my blog roll, and open all new posts to be read that day.

Today was business as usual, but this time I looked at my dashboard and saw my "new post" icon staring back at me with hurt and betrayal in its eyes.
I miss posting regularly.

A lot going on around me, Life as we know it.
Time will always be 24hrs a day and things to do will always be Endless. The thoughts begin to fade and some posts never come to life.

I love blogspot. I really do.
I guess there's just something about words.

A couple of months ago I was watching the Queen of England at her graceful age of 84 (correct me if I'm wrong.....ok, I googled *big grin*)
I watched in awe as she performed her duties. I had a self moment and thought to myself.

Words are really Powerful.

All these years people from all over the world have been saying "Long Live The Queen", those words had no choice but to be.
She has well and truly lived long.

All this made me realize that I should be more careful about the things I say, whether spoken or written.
There's no such thing as words you just say but don't mean.

To think God spoke words and it came to Life. That's how we all got here.

Words should be taken seriously. Don't say what you don't mean.
I have said I Love you when I never meant it. I made him hold on to something that wasn't there, and when I left he couldn't understand why.
Now I know better.

Now I say I Love you with every bone in my body, and this time it is because I mean it.

Tomorrow is Friday....... And I'm having a Carmelicious one.

Enjoy the weekend good people.

And remember;

~Sirius~ Loves ya!

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