Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Nigeria At 50 Day 5; A Home Is Still A Home

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A bride- to- be is full of excitement, anticipation, joy and uncertainty.
She can't wait to be one with her husband.
What lays ahead she can only imagine.
Truth be told.
She can only hope for the best.

The two become one and a house becomes a home.
The home becomes her pride and her joy
The one place she will always find peace love and joy.

That is her hope for the best.

As we celebrate 50 years of independence we can only hope for the best.

Hope that our country Nigeria will one day stand as the giant of Africa.
Hope that she will find herself good leaders to rule her.
Hope that she will provide for her people the bare necessities in life.

Today as i write this post, I am still hopeful.

Hopeful that her change will come, hopeful that things will turn around, hopeful that things will one day be alright.

As long as we keep this hope alive.

Her change will come.

Happy independence.

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