Saturday, May 30, 2009

~ Picture Post ~

I'm still very much crazy.......and I'm loving it.

In my spare time between meetings and crazy deadlines, I play around with my Apps on my Ipod. There's one called "Backgrounds"- It lets you download pictures........Very cool pictures too, like this one. 

It's also got sections, and under quotes I found these.................Knock yourself out.

Quite frankly, looking back only slows down life's journey.

Hell yeah!

This is true.

Uhmmmm...........Not me.

I think we should always remember this

True story!

I see my 15year old cousin saying this.........ridiculous if you ask me.

Maybe.........then again, maybe not.

I totally agree with this.

Take the risk people.

Only you!

I believe very strongly in this.

Story of my life.

A lot of people don't know this

Saying nothing of course........

You heard that here!

Tackle them now or suffer for them.

I think so too.....unless ....unless..............never mind.

Smile for me :-)

To be honest, I found this out the hard way.

Work, work work! that's all I've been eating sleeping and drinking.

They say hard work rewards with success- Can't wait!

My birthday comes up at the tail end of June..............I'll be 1year older. Yikes!......

The Mister is also a June baby (cute init?)......and for the 1st time I'm stuck. No birthday gift.

All because he has everything, all the gadgets I can possibly think of, all the video games that make sense, and his wardrobe was recently re-vamped............*sigh

I guess a couple of perfumes and a good day would have to do it. After all It's the thought that counts.....he he he.

Then again maybe not...........

PS: For folks who in anyway like a little bit of fashion......have fun with my sketches on ~Diva's Divine~

PPS: I noticed I'm not the only one guilty of irregular updates...........the world is dragging its force over us all, work, school, business et all. We SHALL Overcome!!!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Scale of Thoughts

So I passed my French test................Yaaaay!

And no, I did not cheat. I got a well deserved 63/70. I just didn’t take my test until the last batch and by then after listening to different people revise out loud (which reminded me of those annoying girls in secondary school who had the habit of asking questions and reciting the answers in front of class or by the corridor in secondary school-Always making me feel like I was a dunce (Sadly, those questions always came out))

I still haven’t brought out a replacement handbag, I told my beloved sister about the incident, and she screamed, she screamed not because she was worried about me, but because she couldn’t imagine anyone taking away her “investment” of her handbag, No kidding I would scream too if my bag cost more than a plane ticket out of here. After which she turned White (A term I like to use when she forgets she grew up in this country and begins to complain like a Canadian, asking silly questions like how would she survive if she moved home.....*hiss )


I stepped on a scale on jaw literally dropped.

My new weight had me doing a lot of soul searching. It’s funny the things in life that begin a chain of thoughts. I was a onetime weight loss guru- 6 years ago to be exact. And now I can’t get myself to lose 1 dress size. I’ve come to realize that the reason we lose track in life, fall out of line, or give up is because we lose our sense of DISCIPLINE.

(DISCIPLINE: the training to improve strength or self control.)

Discipline clearly indicates boundaries. Normally as humans we have boundaries for every aspect of our lives- the things we know we should do, the things we shouldn’t do, but we are usually carefree about them. And that’s where the problem is. I am obviously guilty of this crime.  

Tigeress's last post left me with a sour taste in my mouth. Even though it’s no new news that men........and women cheat. I can never understand why people would go through such lengths. Forget what they say “Guys cheat because they can” I say they cheat because the lack self discipline.

Speaking of which, I need to work on my self-discipline...........A married man in my office has been sending me text messages – (semi harmless) every morning and night ,in fact the morning texts wake me up sometimes. The fact that I know my boundaries doesn’t mean I should assume the next person knows his. A series of text messages everyday for over a month is just too much- And so, I showed him where the line is. Let’s hope he stays on his side.

So from now on its Self Discipline ‘r’ Us.

Starting with my eating habits......:-( goodbye biscuits, goodbye processed foods, eating late, and eating more :-( ......I’ll really miss you. My relationship with people (No more Miss Nice- I am putting everybody where they belong), and then my relationship. I happen to be too spoilt, stubborn and ALWAYS right *sheepish face.

When faced with having the right choice as the only choice, you realize that the right choice is indeed very hard to make.                          


PS: Why is it that at one point you feel so sure and so strongly about something , then the doubts begin to creep in, and then you ask yourself “Is this what I want?”