Saturday, June 1, 2013

Happy Ending...

My favourite month of the year.

Yesterday as I was driving home, I started thinking maybe I should do something different every day for all of June and end the month with a bang! The 30th is my birthday (and wedding anniversary :)) and for some strange reason I am actually excited about it this year….I never get excited about my birthday, so I am taking this as a good sign.

So, these 30 things I will be doing…I have totally no idea.
However I know I want to alternate between things I do for myself and things I do for other people.

I am still on track with my weight loss, and I’m loving it! Minus living a healthier life, there are just too many gorgeous dresses to be worn (made) and having a good body is very essential for that. I wore my pre pregnancy jean to work on Friday, not only did it fit, it’s getting loose already! I also noticed my measurements are back to my pre pregnancy state but not the weight on my scale, which I am fine with as my goal is no longer pre pregnancy weight.

ü      Milestone 1 achievement: Fit into non stretch pre pregnancy jeans. Done!
Milestone 2 achievement: Weigh 68kg (pre pregnancy weight) - 2 kilos away
Milestone 3 achievement: Lose ALL the jiggling- Many more jiggles to go
Milestone 4 achievement: Get a 6 pack- I see you! Somewhere in the near future….hehehe

I’m off to play some tennis, then attend a friend’s wedding and end the day going to a house party.
Someone please pass me a glass of champagne….

~Sirius~ signing out….XoXo