Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mission Impossible II


Busy- food- loving ~Sirius~ embarked on a mission to lose some good weight! 


 I say I'm fat  at UK12 weighing 75kg or 165 lbs and 5”7 tall. I started out with her detox, eating everything fresh. Let's just say I attempted about 3 times before I finally went past day 1. My saving grace: I love fruits and vegetables, so that made it easier for me, by day 5 I had dropped 4kg! which made all the difference in the dress I wore to the event.  

Ironically, once determination kicks in, all the good food in the world becomes available.  I sat there with 3 course meals over my head and under my nose, I looked away, drank water and ate the cucumbers in the ~The Mister’s~ chapman. *hiss.

There was no way I’d lose focus, not right now, Do you know how hard it is to get even 1kg off!

Seeing the progress, I wasn't going to let it slip, so I registered with a gym, working out myself wasn't really working out (pun intended). After my busy day at the office- I head straight to the gym (Please, I cannot even imagine wasting my money), it was hard during the first few days, I expected that, after all it had been 6 long years I walked into a gym.  

I have a goal weight I intend to achieve, 5-6 kg lower than where I would like to stabilize. My eating habits have gone back to 100% healthy- No carbonated drinks -can't remember the last time I had one anyway, no fried foods, can't eat after 7pm, more fruits and vegetables during the course of the day, No White rice & white bread! That's the devil behind our bulgy lower abdomen.

I have set my eyes on sexy young mothers recently, and I have a good picture in my head how I want to look too, but that's not good enough. I've lost a total of 8kg (17.6lbs)- a lot if you ask me. I’m pretty impressed with my determination. ~The Mister~ cannot hide his appreciation of my new figure, in fact he has started screaming, “~Sirius~, Please do not overdo this thing” LOL!

But a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

I'm half way there, and this is where the hard part begins, losing so little at a time, patience and perseverance are my new best friends :-)

Mission: Sexy ~Sirius~ MUST be accomplished.

Have a splendid weekend people!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Mission Impossible I

Saw all the comments you left. Thanks for the condolence, and I’m definitely not marrying any hook up!

My lifestyle is undergoing a makeover and it started about two weeks ago. ~The Mister~ and I were heading towards his place when he said to me. “The office is part of an important event next weekend, and “We” are attending”-I said “sure, not a problem” He goes on to say “Sirius, what are you going to wear”

I froze.

He never says that.

Over the last couple of months he has watched me struggle with my weight, it was so bad that I’d cry, he would encouraged me, told me I could get rid of it if I tried. He knew looking fit and sexy was me, but somewhere along life’s course I’d lost it.

Rewind a year or two ago: Sirius (hermit by birth) was always out and about with “the girls”, from Shows, to Album Launches, Red carpet events, always in VIP, Style magazines, etc….. glamorous lifestyle, not by chioce.

Now: Sirius , living in my true form, fatter, less energetic retired socialite with a programmed weekend where all I do is chill, catch up on my TV series and movies with the ~The Mister~ while we bitch about what happened that week.

The truth is, a year ago my situation would have been- what dress to choose from because I would look Fab in any of them either way, but now it was; what dress would be able to cover my new midriff and ooze out the that level of sexiness I was once known for? And ~The Mister~ knew I was going to take that with a heavy heart.

Enough is enough I said to myself (It’s amazing what starts off a chain of events)- The next day, I was online and I bumped into her blog, and I’m like what the hell! If she can, I can too. I also saw Tyra’s new 30lbs weight loss reveal- I lost it! And that’s how I embarked on my mission.

Let’s just say, I had fun taking pictures at the event, even though it was a couple of days after I started out (I really wish I could put up a sexy Sirius picture, maybe someday), we had loads of fun, I looked and felt Fab.

Details of my Mission will be in my next post, as this one is long already.

It’s amazing what you can do when you are determined

Have a Fab Week PEOPLE!!!