Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You Guys......What Is Going On????!!!!

Ok, I'm freaking out, I AM freaking OUT! I AM FREAKING OUTTTTTT!!!!!! 
WTF!!!! why ???? 

So, yesterday I stumbled onto This and a few minutes ago This.

I'm so Sad right now ..........I've always known life isn't a bed of roses, but this doesn't just break my heart, it kills & Shatters any Hope, Belief or Dream I have for anything working!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Question(s)?

1. Is a Human being actually flicking some switch in a Power station at such Ungodly hours when the movie has just gotten to it's climax or at the point when your body has just adjusted to the A/c and the sleep is just getting all soooo sweet , the lights go out- NEPA/PHCN?

2. Why is it we can feel so much love and hate towards one person?

3. Why in God's name do people cross the road and STOP halfway, bang! in front of your car when you draw up real close, only for them to run back to where they came from instead of them to  continue across after you step on your breaks! I CAN'T stand this!

4. Do you still go on with your wedding if you found out your fiance slept with his Ex somewhere along the line, when you two where together?

5. Why do we tend to remember people by the bad THING they did to us rather than all the good thing(S) they've done for us?

6. Would you tell your sister/cousin/friend that her boyfriend/fiance/husband's cheating (Knowing she's the very emotional type)?
Likewise, would you tell your brother/cousin/friend his girlfriend/fiancee/wife's cheating?

7. Why is it difficult to express how we feel to certain people? 

And, why am I craving Vegetables?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

What Do You Want?

Lazy Sunday afternoon trying to rest, my mind begins to wander- I began to reconcile my life then and my life now, the things that had happened to me over the last couple of years, the Places I had found myself in, the things I had to go through in the past and the things I was going through now, and as the incidents kept playing in my head I remembered the things I had loooonged & yearned for back then and the things I was longing for right now and then - IT CLICKED!

Everything I had ever desired or wanted and had made a detailed mental /physical note on, I eventually got matching my list tooth and nail!

And what fascinated me the most was the fact that I probably forgot about the “list” or “specification” of the desire/want at the time I got it.

It’s pretty amazing the things we can control with our thoughts.

I guess that's why it’s always good to know what exactly you want, so you don’t end up settling for less. 


PS: I once read about a woman, who after  12years of marriage found a book, and inside it was a list, she read the list and began weeping- It was a detailed list of what she wanted in a husband if she eventually got married and her detailed list  described her husband of 12 years down to his height and colour of eyes, a list she had written when she was single.

Have a nice week......and I'm still up for adoption!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

PeeK - a - BoO......

*Warning: Not much of a post, still trying to adjust to real time.

....And so the holiday madness ends and Lagos madness begins in full swing tomorrow, You would think one should be use to this by now, but I tell you just the thought of families with their 5 cars on the road tomorrow morning kills me- one for the father, one for the mother and 3 for their 3 kids in 3 different schools! (Now, can I throw in a suggestion to people like that? Please don't fail to get one for the dogs and another for the cats- I mean how much worse can it get), as if that's not bad enough, NEPA abi PHCN tricked us into getting comfortable a couple of months back with their 12 hour daily shifts, now we're lucky to get 12 hours a week- tired of all the generator noise- In fact, I think I need to relocate- People, any takers? I'm up for adoption!  Blogsville hear it now, it's a once in a life time opportunity, ~Sirius~ up for adoption, going once, going twice, going....(PS: not ready to freeze my butt off though- so Canadians take note)...OR I can aim for a fatter paying job that can afford an apartment in one of those sexy estates- but hey, that won't take the traffic away either, Mchewww!

2009 looks like its about to step into it's J's and sprint to December, so I'm putting mine on first and giving it a head start. Next week Tuesday marks a day in history for the entire world- Obamachukwu in the house. Woo Hoo!!! Jack Bauer and his crew had better be there oh!

Life is looking good amidst all the madness, and I'm happy right now......I think I'll have an achievement award for myself every month, and so for the month of January (even though it's not over yet) I can proudly say that for the first time in my life I have finally learnt how to let things go- by this I mean, I no longer dwell on the "why" questions , ladies you know how hard that is- why did he do this when we were*complete the sentence as the spirit leads you (LoL) and it's amazing how at peace you feel when you accept the fact that you can't change what has already happened,  but you have the power to affect what is yet to happen.......

Be advised :

"Your past is governed by your Memories"

" Your present is governed by your Thoughts"

"Your future is governed by your Imagination"

So do good to your future ........ 

PS: This "HELMET" (hair-melt) issue (A radio personality actually pronounced it that way several times over with all seriousness).......has me cracking up in traffic.  The guy with the paint bucket as his helmet wins my award.....and what's up with the construction workers hat?

Off to do my blog rounds.....I'm happy to see that nobody left, apart from ShaCrown who came running back. LoL (How dare she think she can up and leave).......adios amigos and have a fantastic week!