Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Quick Question(s)?

1. Is a Human being actually flicking some switch in a Power station at such Ungodly hours when the movie has just gotten to it's climax or at the point when your body has just adjusted to the A/c and the sleep is just getting all soooo sweet , the lights go out- NEPA/PHCN?

2. Why is it we can feel so much love and hate towards one person?

3. Why in God's name do people cross the road and STOP halfway, bang! in front of your car when you draw up real close, only for them to run back to where they came from instead of them to  continue across after you step on your breaks! I CAN'T stand this!

4. Do you still go on with your wedding if you found out your fiance slept with his Ex somewhere along the line, when you two where together?

5. Why do we tend to remember people by the bad THING they did to us rather than all the good thing(S) they've done for us?

6. Would you tell your sister/cousin/friend that her boyfriend/fiance/husband's cheating (Knowing she's the very emotional type)?
Likewise, would you tell your brother/cousin/friend his girlfriend/fiancee/wife's cheating?

7. Why is it difficult to express how we feel to certain people? 

And, why am I craving Vegetables?


CaramelD said...

Ermmmmmmmmmmm you questions need serious thoughts LOL!

People who run across the road are mad!

NEPA has night shifts so we are all screwed and you are craving vegetables cos you're nuts!!

K said...

I don't know why you craving vegetables...lol....but the whole telling someone is cheating thing depends on how close your relationship is with them...

As for going on with the wedding...that person must REALLY have a forgiving heart because if that were me you would just read about the love story that ended badly...

Buttercup said...

1. that seems to be the case..EVIL PEOPLE!

2. i wonder myself..

3. lol confusion does exist..

4. wow, this is a tough one..i might just put it on hold to sort out the ish and carry IF it gets sorted out..

5. ahh..thats why we r human..

6. yes, i would..i told my bro once..

7. i guess we r afraid of the reaction(or lack of it) we might get..

vegetables?? of all things to crave..lol!

Writefreak said...

1. You know i wonder that question about PHCN too...and speaking of PHCN, they just flicked the switch as i started typing this...
2. Hmm i don't know o, i don't think i have a love hate relationship towards anyone
3. I hate when people do just this...there was a day i almost knocked down a girl, it was at night, she ran across the road on a highway and i had to slam my brakes hard, then she topped in front of me and ran back then started shouting aunty sorry, sorry...madness! lol...i really wish i knew why
4. No i wouldn't except the person is prepared for a lifetime of suspicion or ready to stick her husband cheating on her
5. Hmmm...that's a classic, i noticed that a while back so now i try to remember the positives of people, sometimes hard though. and i think the answer wil be it's cos we're human
6. Hmm i don't know o, i always pray i never find myself in such a situation as this
7. It's sometimes difficult to express oneself because...because...just because...lol

And that's a nice craving you have there...

CaramelD said...

For the intense questions, I would tell someone I know if I was 100% saw it with my own eyes sure that their partner was cheating on them.

I am yet to find out why we can hate and love one person immensely.

I honestly have no idea if I can marry someone if I found out they ha ddone the dirty with an ex! Ex's are a tricky situation. If it was a stranger I might be less worried and shuffle down the aisle regardless, but ex's??? Hmmmmm

ibiluv said...

that person in nepa needs to be castrated......yes dearie they seem to know when the movie is interesting thats when the electricity goes off........

i wonder why meself.....

oh ma binu.......i'm one of those dat do that to you....i call it car fright!!!!!!!!!


thats why we are human.....to forgive IS divine!!!!!!!!

i'll help her catch him...but i will talk......cos she'll hate me more for my silence anyways......

write them a mail

you trying to loose weight ??????

bumight said...

when u find the answers lemme know.

the question i can answer for u is: you're craving vegetables, cos u just discovered ur inner vegan!

MilesPerHour said...

Ok, now I am waiting for you to post the answers!

Nefertiti said...

1. Girl, I dunno how u guys do it. I'm scared of the dark, and I dunno how I survived all those years @ home

2. Becos we have the capicity for both extreme emotions

3. Lol. U should actually see my father almost bursting a vessel on these types of incidence. I have no idea. Maybe delayed muscle reaction?

4. Yes. If we have an agreement that I'm who he really wants, and that it's never gonna happen again.

5. Becos we are human, and that's just the nature of man- evil

6. Yes. I would leave the decision up to them, and support them no matter what their decision is.

7. Maybe becos we are afraid of how they might see us if they knew what we were thinking.

And, why am I craving Vegetables? I have no idea

Question for u: Y is this post showing up 2 days ago?

Anonymous said...

yeah why is this saying two days ago when I know i didnt miss a sirius gist. I know why you are craving vegetable because you are absolutely nuts. vegetables - ewwww. give me galrium sulphate any day. I have an headache so ima be back to answer the rest of the questions.

Saved Girl said...

ahh, you spoke 2 my soul on #2...shouldn't b possible yet it is.

Tigeress said...

2. There's a thin line btw love & hate
4. I probably will go ahead with the wedding depending on whether or not there are feelings btw them.
5. I think that's just human nature to talk bad about people.
6.Never. there is no need. i'm not barer of bad news. Plus when things get resolved- u might become the scap-goat.
7.Becos of the fear of being ridiculed or fear of rejection

Just...Toluwa said...

answer to number 4...Hell NO!

funny post tho!

Anonymous said...

Dont mind nepa jo,that's their life.
Yes those dash to possible death jumps are really scary,and annoying for those that drive.

Funms-the rebirth said...

men GMAT questions o
1. I used to wonder too...

2. I wish i had an answer to that. i hate someone so bad right now i could kill, and yet a while ago i loved that same person to death

3. that really irks me too, i think they r just bscared

4. Depends on when, how many times and if they still talk

5. cuz we r humans and bad things tend to stay longer

6. i hate getting into people's biz but i'd hint without making it obvious i know.........

7. cuz we r worried about their reactions

i wonder y ur craving vegetables too... im craving my mother's efo riro and fresh fish with fried snail...lol

Dabizniz said...

Number 6. Hell Yeah

Anonymous said...

...many questions you can not answer outside of the situation.