Thursday, June 17, 2010

Routine Check

I switch on my laptop.
I connect to the world wide web.
I click on my goolge chrome icon.
I log on to my regular sites. Google, Gmail, and the others, my blogger dashboard actually the first to be opened.
I check my blog roll, and open all new posts to be read that day.

Today was business as usual, but this time I looked at my dashboard and saw my "new post" icon staring back at me with hurt and betrayal in its eyes.
I miss posting regularly.

A lot going on around me, Life as we know it.
Time will always be 24hrs a day and things to do will always be Endless. The thoughts begin to fade and some posts never come to life.

I love blogspot. I really do.
I guess there's just something about words.

A couple of months ago I was watching the Queen of England at her graceful age of 84 (correct me if I'm wrong.....ok, I googled *big grin*)
I watched in awe as she performed her duties. I had a self moment and thought to myself.

Words are really Powerful.

All these years people from all over the world have been saying "Long Live The Queen", those words had no choice but to be.
She has well and truly lived long.

All this made me realize that I should be more careful about the things I say, whether spoken or written.
There's no such thing as words you just say but don't mean.

To think God spoke words and it came to Life. That's how we all got here.

Words should be taken seriously. Don't say what you don't mean.
I have said I Love you when I never meant it. I made him hold on to something that wasn't there, and when I left he couldn't understand why.
Now I know better.

Now I say I Love you with every bone in my body, and this time it is because I mean it.

Tomorrow is Friday....... And I'm having a Carmelicious one.

Enjoy the weekend good people.

And remember;

~Sirius~ Loves ya!

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Lara said...

we to expect a proper post soon...lovely weekend in advance

mizchif said...

Happy Caramelicious weekend ;)

Gee said...

"Now I say I Love you with every bone in my body, and this time it is because I mean it"

Love it!!!

Myne Whitman said...

Awwww, we love back. have a great weekend.

Ms.O said...

Awww I totally understand the need to post more. Have a good weekend.

Shona Vixen said...

Love this post hon!!!

rethots said...

You love me, awww, finally you say it. Great, let's have a carmelicious Friday today.

Words, sure are powerful beyond comprehension.

Funms-the rebirth said...

this post gave me goosebumps...... yes words are powerful....

awww love ya too

doll said...

love you too!

Jaycee said...


SHE said...

Thumbs up for you. Words are indeed , powerful.

Pleasant weekend to you!

musco said...

ve a 'muscoful' weekend 2!

9jaPhoenix said...

Hmmmn... I don't know about the term keeping the queen alive oh. If you had not much to worry about and almost everything you wanted at the tip of your fingers you'd probably live to 84 and beyond. *shrug* I could be wrong. Erhm what happened to the proper post we were expecting eh?

CaramelD said...

Chai I must be the driest girl in the world! See when I'm finally catching up on all your posts!!! And yeahhhhhhhhh it was a Carameliscious Friday jo!