Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This is A Test

Scores to be awarded in percentages.
On a scale of 1 - 10, rate the following:

1. Your way of life, in terms of doing right.
2. Your relationship with family
3. Your relationships with friends and colleagues.
4.Your love life.
5. Your career/ School or both
6. Your happiness
7. Your being content.
8. Your dreams- if you have any
9. Your ability to seize an opportunity
10.Your choices.

Submit all scores to yourself- 70% and above is an A.

Your next step depends on the your overall score.

Make sure you test yourself to day.

PS: fooling around with my mobile device- just making sure I can post from it.
But on a serious note. Get TESTED!
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Lolia said...

85 :)

Meanwhile yayy for posting from your bb...Blackberry is the truth mehn...

And LOL @ get tested today, as if it's AIDS! It was a nice wake-up call though, made me think long and hard about my life...

How've you been dear? And how was the rest of your birthday?


akaBagucci said...

The test does make sense though! I have to agree..

Funms-the rebirth said...

I like this test! Thinking about these questions, I'm discovering ways to find that balance I need!

Rita said...

I am not sharing my result...:-)

Anyway, how are you doing?

aloted said...

yes ur BB is working :)

Buttercup said...

I'm not happy with my result mehn compared to Lolia's :(

~Sirius~ said...

Nice to know I can actually post from my device-Aloted- my BB is definitely working.

But the problem is -where is everybody on blogger?

We're all having blogger's block's or life is on the "too fast" lane right now.

I took the test, and my oh my- I really need to buckle up on some aspects in my life.

Thanks for all your comments.

I'm fine Rita- I think I have extended Malaria- it's just refuse to go!

Buttercup!!!!- hmmmm why the AWOL, you've been dearly missed.

Funms- We have to find that balance.

AkaBagucci- Wanna make sense die.

Lolia- LOL, it was intentional, the whole get tested thing. he he he.
Birthday was great actually. quiet, exactly how I like it- i got the best card I've ever gotten in my entire life- No joke.
I would love to showcase it- but i cant, cos it has my pictures all over it, but I'll share the words later.

Anonymous said...

i made a 70 on the dot cs i had to give myself a full 0 on the love life..he he h e...commitment phobic me..im def happy and content and i hope my choices are really good.

CaramelD said...

I have to figure this out?!!!

Afrobabe said...

Get tested sounds soooooo HIV-ish...lol

Anonymous said...

lol....is it possible to score a hundred?

NO I did not!

Scored a freaking B...damn this thing keeps following me around...why?

LusciousRon said...

I am not happy with my score. 62. Need to do more.

webround said...

GET TESTED! sounds so much like an anti-AIDS campaign...

seye said...

Phew! I SCORED A FREAKING 50% Am i that....poor?

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

yaaay i just got tested! lol
76.....this actually made me think of my life though!!! i need help kaiii!

Severus Snape said...

I fear all kinds of tests these days.
But this one looks harmless. At least on the surface.

Afronuts said...

I really feel like taking he test but hunger aint letting me.

Feels like taking Jamb again!

Afrobabe said...

I still remember my web address...lol..

How have you been love?

David C Brown said...

Shouldn't we have tested our relations with God?

Rita said...

I got your comment on my blog. Your question will be up on the next post. Just wanted to know if it is okay to use your name as the person asking the question. Thank you.