Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Polka Dot Monday!!!


So I might be back after all... :)

Thanks for the comments that directed me to Madam Sting's fat buster operation, very timely.
I joined the squad and you can follow us all here

As for me birthing my designs to life, that is on hold for now- my body is currently transitioning. However that won't stop me from adding to my portfolio of scrap designs and for the fun of it, showcasing my office ensemble. Say cheese! (I will need a reliable office colleague photographer at this rate ... I wonder who the unlucky person will be? I think I know already *evil grin*)

First and foremost, I am the average girl next door, most people who see me and are not close to me may argue that. But people like my dear friend Ms Caramel will tell you I'm so laid back that I'm horizontal...*halo*

Now, I am no fahionista, but I love to dress up to suit my body type (I've never really followed fashion per se, I think some trends are ridiculous), Mixing both now… Any trend that works with my style I just might adopt. Some one say polka dot/ Mono chrome

My style has a lot of fitted clothes (so you can understand my craze for weight loss) your body has to be right for fitted clothes to look good on you. Dresses, jeans, skirts etc. I go through a colour phase sometimes

Above all, I love my pumps! yes, high heels are sexy ( some people say I tend to look intimidating in them), but I prefer to be comfortable all day.

So I guess you know what the final ensemble looks like. No need to put up a full picture....hehehehe.

Have a great week ahead people!

~Sirius~ Signing out!!


Hazel said...

What kind of tease-fest is this? FIX UP and put the entire pix. And you body, still banging!!!

mr&mrs talklovealways said...

Still looking good ma.