Sunday, February 21, 2010

Music, Lyrics And Everything Else......

My best friend told me that break- up songs are the best songs in the world.

Believe me, he is right.

I guess it’s the fact that we can identify with the words and emotions of the singer.Well, I’m assuming only those of us with 1st hand experience agree with me.

Meanwhile being able to indulge in music while working rocks!

Lately I find myself listening to the words (Well, Googling the lyrics to most of them * smiley with a big grin*) and loving the logic behind some of the songs.

Take for instance Jay-z’s “Off that” from The Blue Print 3.

Jay raps about "your tomorrow being his yesterday"

I'm so tomorrow,
The Audemars are yesterday,
Which means you’re on time delay,
So even if I slow it doooown,
My sound is fast forward

(Uhm, Audemars makes watches...get the time delay logic?)

Meaning ……. “Whatever you’re about to discover we off that” And “you can’t bring the future back

I like a guy who has confidence in his achievements.

Mariah’s lyrics in “Up out my Face” cracks me up!

She sings about her breaking and giving the guy the boot.

“It's not chipped

We’re not cracked

Oh, we're shattered………..

It gets bad.

“Cause when I break, I break, I break

And no super glue can fix this”(huh?)

Then it gets worse

“When I break, I break, I break

Not even a welder and a builder could rebuild this

When I break, I break, I break

Not even a nail technician with a whole lot of gel and acrylic

Can fix this”- (LOL)

Then this…

“When I break, I break

If we were two Lego blocks

Even the Harvard University graduating class of 2010

Couldn’t put us back together again”- (Ouch!)

Totally hilarious, and I must say this song has grown on me.

Ever wonder what kids get up to these days?

A two year old child who was rated the slowest in development amongst his peers turned out to be the first child to make a 3 word sentence to his nursery teacher.

Go away…….Bitch

I know right.

Three weeks ago my 12 year old cousin poured water into the oil compartment of their generator.

Last week she dimmed it fit to find herself in her dad’s car cooling off, no thanks to the current heat situation in Lagos.

A few minutes later, there was no wall between their house and their neighbours .

She said “The car jumped”

I wonder how an automatic car jumps.

Yesterday, her sister misplaced the keys to their mum’s car

It was found in the freezer.

*Rolls Eyes*

That's what kids have been up too.

Have a Fab week People.....Hopefully some of us have only four working days this week.

Woo Hoo!

~Sirius~ Signing out


Fragilelooks said...


Freaksho said...

Girl,your cousins need Jesus.

CaramelD said...

Your cousins......did what? Chai!

Femme Lounge said...

lol @ mariah carey's lyrics, the lego must be really messed up if harvard students cant put it together. it sure is broken!

LusciousRon said...

Those kids are just being kids! I remeber some of my antics.

Myne Whitman said...

The car jumped. Yeah right! LOL.

The MC song is just tooo funny...

Muse said...

guys, stop laughing at those cousins! i swear, i too have been in a jumping car, and i know they exist! really!

Anonymous said...

I love your cousin, "She said “The car jumped”" that is what i call wits.

"...I find myself listening to the words....and loving the logic behind..." hmmm, are you saying something loudly that is so silent we can't hear?

Funms-the rebirth said...

yup! break up songs are the best and ur cousins? no comment....hahahahaha

~Sirius~ said...

@ Fragilelooks
LOL....yes now...that feeling of physical heart ache, kai! never again. Cousin is in perfect shape, not a scratch.

You're darn right she does.

It's the girls o!

LOL...She does in deed!

@ LusciousRon
I hear you o! lol Fear to jump my daddy car was sha in me.

I shook my heard when I heard to. I think it's hilarious.

Jumping Cars huh? are on your own o.

Not saying anything...unless you are suggesting
Wits I tell you!

@ Funms
Hey!! Don't you just love 'em *wink*....My cousin needs deliverance. LOL

Suru said...

LOL jumping cars kinda like in those rap videos abi?

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Those your cousins are something else,lol@jumping car.
That 2year old kid is smart.
Break up songs are my all time favorite and I sure do relate to them.

Lolia said...

I love most of the songs I do because of their lyrics..esp Kanye and Weezy because you hear the song and think okay, cool beat but they're probably talking about nonsense and then you LISTEN to it and it's like wow, they're so clever! :)

Meanwhile your cousins are not serious! Lol


NigerianDramaQueen said...

It's been forever hasn't it...
So the lego's harvard song, who sings that?
It was a status update on fb and I thought the person made that
Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving words of encouragement!

Tisha said...

i love music
so i don't listen to secular music. But i couldn't keep away from beyonce and some rock groups my brother has...

lol at your young cousins

Nice Anon said...

LOL@ finding the key in the freezer!

mizchif said...

Like i can ever forget the day my sister made my fathers mercedes 230 jump and bring us closer to our neighbours by making a nice dent in the fence.

Uzezi said...

lol. like that Jay's lyrics. ur cousins r something else

Uzezi said...

that ur cousin is preparing for formula one

blogoratti said...

Imagine that...

Ms.O said...

lol @ your cousins!!

Rita said...

Hey, how now?

This one that you are into lyrics...dont tell me it is hold up or fuel queue that gave you more time to listen to music :-)

It is amazing how the 2 year old child developed :-)

LOL @ your cousin

doll said...

break up songs are the best.. i know first hand..your cousins are so mischevious!

LovePaprika said...

Ok Ma! I am back!!!!
So, I LOVEEEEE UP OUT MYYY FACE! the song has grown on me! and I am a freak for lyrics! as for those kids!!!! keys in freezer wow! thats deeper than the sea mehn! wat were they thinking about?

tobenna said...

Break up songs make sense to those that are going through that phase. I do not agree they are the best songs though. Love songs rank highest on my list. After some playa banging, ho trippin, bling flashing gangsta joint, of course.

This your 12yr old cousin is mayhem. And it's a she?! God help her parents.