Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Do I Read Random Or What?

Stepped on a scale today.
And....... The Beach Body is Back!
I thought I'd never recover from my Christmas eating atrocities.
L-O-V-I-N-G my new body.
It's almost a perfect hour glass. I want to be like B when I grow up! That girl's body Is truly a wonderland.

If I wasn't me...
I'd have a baby for 50 Cents and be a millionaire. (So he can shut up with that song already)

Happy New Year People.

It's February already.
It's either me or there seems to be a Lack of "Lovers" out there this valentine. (Not surprising is it? Seeing that the John Terry's and Tiger Woods have taken over, And oh! The Irish Prime Minister's wife too)

(Ko easy ra ra, to be a "celebrity" wife/husband o!)
What's up with all the cheating People??

If I wasn't me, I'd painstakingly plot a revenge that would scar 2 particular human beings so badly that they'd wish they never crossed my path.

Why do I stare at my iphone and expect a light to blink? It's not my Berry for crying out loud.

If I wasn't me, I wouldn't care less of the things people do that directly affect me, Because I'll be too darn busy paying them back in their own coin and loving it.

I Thank God I Am Who I Am.....

If I wasn't me, I would fall for her.

It's frightening when your mind travels to weird places........ places that let you imagine the things you would do if you didn't believe in God and His word.

I am Happy. The Storm is Over, and I can see clearly now.

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Fragilelooks said...

congrats on ur beach body. hapi nw year to u too.

Anonymous said...

The greatest consolation is that each 'storm' has its session after which we can confidently say, "The Storm is Over,..."

Let's continue in grace and the assurance of His abiding presence this year.

Happy New Year...

doll said...

happy new yr luv and congrats on ur new body..i agree with u on the lack of luvers for the season o! but i'l blame it on d crunch

Muse said...

happy new year luv.

Myne Whitman said...

Welcome back dear and congrats on the weight loss. As for B, don't believe everything you see in the pics.

Thank God for Him and for making us who we are. Happy 2010!

fantasy queen said...

so i kind of hate you...for the beach body that is:)well if it wasnt you i'd send some yummy things your way to tempt you so bad you'd wail at the sight of bikinis. congrats on that.

happy new year.

Rita said...

So who is the her u want to fall for?

I have forgotten the comments I wanted to leave here yesterday, including my welcome back speech.

we need a picture of ur body on blogger to confirm your new body, lol...

~Sirius~ said...

@ FragileLooks
Thanks Girl, all my hard work not in vain!

You got that right. Happy new year.

LOL!! the crunch in deed! Thanks dear (you are actually part of the motivation as well- gym 2ce a week remember?)

@ Muse
Happy New year to you too!

@ Myne
LMAO!!!! I sure don't.all them Photo shopped things. Happy 2010!

@ FQ
Don't hate, Appreciate..LOL...I'll pass on all the yummy's for now. well ok, maybe just a little. lol

@ Rita
Hmmm, Only you would ask me......lol. (Didn't literally mean it)
Welcome back speech: lets just say, you wrote it in your head since.....and I've acknowledged....hehehehehe

SHE said...

Is that your picture up there? LOL...

I was going to ask Rita's question too! But since you say you don't mean it...

bob-ij said...

lol @ having a baby for 50cents! I know though, he says that thing over and over and over again. I wish I had wider hips. I can't quite get an hour glass body.. hiss!


Sugarking said...

@ "f I wasn't me...
I'd have a baby for 50 Cents and be a millionaire. (So he can shut up with that song already)
" LWKMD!!!! chai!!! Ehen do and post pics of the beach body lets decide if its really a beach body o! lol

mizchif said...

....fall for her???
Ngwa come and complete this jist osiso.

FFF said...

na which 50 cent song u dey talk abt? i don lose my touch on music these days o

which 'her' u fall 4? chei. tory dey hia o. oya, come complete wetin u start sharp!

starcakeastrology.blogspot.com said...

interesting stuff! congrats on the beach body!

CaramelD said...

What I love about you is that when you have a goal, you totally focus till you get it. Congrats baby girl.

~Sirius~ said...

Yes o! (In my mind)...lol.

@ Bob-Ij
Mine is a semi managed one, It's not like my his stand out like B's! I wish.

@ Mizchief
Gini? sorry mate, not quite clear what you all about.....*wink

LOL! My dear....It's some retarded song, and you might not even know that's what he's saying.......*hiss

@ Starcakes
Thanks....hard work does pay off.

@Caramel D
You know how we do!

LusciousRon said...

Beach body? I want! Congrats are in order.

Writefreak said...

Ok i'm glad you're you! lol

And congrats on your beach body!

So random!

Tigeress said...

oooohhh revenge revenge revenge. lol

LovePaprika said...

Lucky you!!! And loving ur new body... Gurl my hips were a UK size 4 n nw I'm a size 10 below!!!! I'm so scared I may graduate! :( pls tell me your secret o lemme join you...

~Sirius~ said...

@ Sugarking
hmmm....see them oh! they want Picture of Beach body, be careful what you ask for. LOL

@ LuciousRon
You can have whatever you like....LOL
Hard work baby, hard work.

Thanks....LOL @ the randomness, I typed as the spirit moved me. hehehehe

@ Tigeress
*evil Grin* You know how these things are.

Hey!!!! And how on earth do you go from a size 4 to a size 10!!!!!
Basically started with a detox, gym then change my eating habit. Will give you detailed tips soon.

Suru said...

I'm late but cool blog and you're you for a special reason.

miz-cynic said...

one of ma sistas on blogger. i don miss ur wit. i coulda said tht myself...d stuff about 50 cents and the fact tht he was referring to kelly was just pissing me off more,like i could whip her for being in the video.
abt the girl ur talking about could it be ur watching too much l word like me?