Sunday, November 8, 2009


Deep inside of me.
I still have a cyberlife.

Moderating comments off my blackberry has been quite tricky, I receive mail, Read the comment, scroll the track ball to "publish this comment" after which the request goes through.
A few seconds later "This comment was successfully rejected " . Go Figure.

Still working on my new figure. Now I'm being extra careful so I don't end up losing too much weight. After all I am african.
To all interested parties: There is light at the end of the tunnel, you just have to start digging.

Christmas decors springing up. 'tis the season to be jolly, la la la la la la la la la. I wonder what this christmas holds.....I hear the shops calling my name :-)

So, I've had the crazy urge to drop my 9-5 and get a sewing machine! I have NO idea how to sew: but I want to learn so I can make my own clothes. Crazy I know. Or Not.
The back seat of my car has tons of fabrics, my notebook is full of sketches. And my tailor just became richer!

Ever wondered what "one thing" would make you a household name and a well known billionaire?

Bill Gates- Microsoft.
Oprah- TalkShow
Micheal (Bless him)- Music
Tyra- Next Top Model.
George Lucas, Steven Spilberg, Micheal Bay- Movies

I wonder all the time.
Do you?

Have a beautiful Week people: and touch a life.

~Sirius~ Signing out.
Over and Out.

PS: I just confessed to not being able to blog from my BB-but hey!

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Nice Anon said...

I like that you want to learn how to sew.I am all for people following their dreams but don't give up your 9-5. Lekwa ka aguru ga egbu gi! LOL

UnderCover07 said...

I wonder too oo. And u know how people say oh this is my passion, or am so passionate about this and that...amam (I dnt knw) wat my own passion is o.

I'm beginning to feel left

Anonymous said...

whats the purpose of the comment approval ish?its not like you write anything controversial.

K said...

Having a dream and knowing what you need to make it into a reality is the first step right? So you know you want to sew clothes and you know you need to be able to sow sooooo...get to sewing lessons girl!

~Sirius~ said...

@ Nice Anon........ROTFLMAO! Biko! I'm not ready to die from hunger, not now, not ever, abeg.

@ Undercover07....I confess the same- I just like clothes and dressing up, I never really get all fired up about it- I see people who have so much passion, and it makes me feel like I might not be that passionate after all. do have a point, but I like reading my comments first.....don't ask me why. lol

@ k....I'm soooo going to do that, even if it starts out as a hobby.

histreasure said...

you got fabrics and you do sketches?
girl,that's some passion bubbling from deep within your heart and while i agree that you don't need to drop your 9-5,taking sewing lessons is the way to start,you might just amaze yourself..

and later,we can also say we know you

Ms.O said...

Hmm I want a dress!! Make me one, lets see if you can become a household name!! hehe..:) Goodluck with everything. I want to know about the weightloss!

Anonymous said...

One good idea...just one good idea is all you need to be a household name. Since a good idea is hard to get, people turn to reality television.

Myne Whitman said...

Put your creativity to use, get a small sewing machine but don't quit the 9-5 yet.

My dream is being the biggest romance writer in naija. Don't laugh ooo. LOL

CaramelD said...

My dream was to be a radio presenter, but African children's guilt made me drop it at univeristy. I still dream though....

Come and design something for me and I'll call it a Sirius original! PS stop giving me heart attacks on my blog!

Gee said...

dat moderation thing is really very tricky..cuz ild be thee rushing for first bcuz it has no comment up there, not knowing other comments have been sent, just waiting for moderation

sunnyside said...

sewing could be fun.. enjoy

Rita said...

~Sirius~ - Fashion

How now? Just liked the post. It left me with a smile on my face.

There's a lady I know that learnt sewing in the UK. Her sewing is unique and fantastic. Even the way she takes measurement. Maybe you can take a cue from her. You have the talent inside you begging to be released. If you can also find an online sewing course, pls participate in one.

webround said...

maybe the sewing machine (the dresses you turn out)is what'll make you famous...

Rose said...

...been thinking of the same thing too. I've even dug out an old pattern book that belonged to my mum. Goodluck!

That 9-5 is important, that's how I plan to fund the sewing classes. Hehe!

Fragilelooks said...




bob-ij said...

First off, GET A SEWING MACHINE!! I never knew how to sew, then after 6 months of wondering and self-doubt, I got one. Best decision I ever made {well my brother bought it for me for christmas}. But now I'm working hard at becoming a Fashion house DIONE MAUVE and with God, All things are possible. Maybe it will make me a household name...AMEN to that!


TinTin said...

pls move in which the spirit directs you!!! just when u become a big designer DONT FORGET US OHHH!!! LOL

~Sirius~ said..., of course I wont quit, just yet! I'm seriously looking into the sewing thing now.

@Ms.O.....Send me your stats,when i'm done with my lessons, I'll hit you up. lol @ weightloss. Read my posts below.

@lucidlilith... I know! but how does one know their 1 good idea?

@Myne Whitman.....And she's laughing at herself.....At least you know what you want to do. Will get the sewing machine.

@Caramel's not too late you know. 1 Sirius Original coming up!, I used to fall for that before I started blogging.

~Sirius~ said...

@ Sunnyside....I'm sure I will.

@ Rita....Glad it made you smile, taken cue already and looking for Fashion instituyions that I can attend abroad- I guess learning from a different environment would add some uniqueness to it.

@ Webround....just maybe.

@Rose...ok, so we're in, 9-5 will pay our way through sewing and design's on!

@ Fragilelooks...I'm repeatedly dreaming it. My achivements are on the way.

@Bob-ij.....Ijeoma oh! biko, don't leave me behind, Reading your blog, I always thought you had been at it since forever....and that Name will definitely make household...AMEN! you have motivated me, you have no idea.

@Tintin.....Thou shalt not be forgotten.LOL

mizchif said...

I've been itching to learn sewing myself and not to become a designer or anything, just to be able to make clothes.

LMAO @ Nice Anon, but she's right sha, back up is neccessary to avoid starving to death.