Thursday, May 12, 2011


And so, here I am again.

I don’t know what has gotten into me? (slowly saying that in my head - it sounds……..)
I can’t believe I abandoned my blog! (well, I can) Life has taken the toll on me.
Unfortunately I can't bore you with all the non-interesting details, instead I will motivate you to do something you love.....hehehe


I have this friend, from waaaaay back. She does fantastic stuff with cupcakes! (Anyone who knows me knows I love cake…….and Ice-creamJ) The sad/fortunate thing is……she lives in far away Abuja. So I can’t indulge in all her naughtiness and so I defeat the scale in this battle *wide grin*

At first I was just going to put up one or two photos of her handwork. But I have something better….a blog link

However, for the lazy folks....sneak preview.

I promise to update you on all the non-interesting due time. ( I hope I don't disappear for this long)

For those who are lucky enough to be in should try them cupcakes. and eat for 2!


Rebirth said...

is there a reason why this cupcakes were not delivered to me on my birthday? UGH!

Unveilinggold said...

very creative :)

Nonye said...

Wish I was half as creative... oh well i'm sure I am in some other ways...*wink*

Eat for two and gym for how many? Noooo! thank u!

Adaeze said...

is this cake provocateur or something?

BSNC said...

That looks yummy and you have abandoned your blog again *says the gurl who came back on tuesday* lol

Nice Anon said...

Per your new post.. Ngwa let's go and run around outside naked. That'll give us something mischievous to do.

Patrina's Pencil said...

Wanted to tell you that I'm praying for you - after reading your current post of June 10. (since comments are disabled - probably cause you were feeling like you were whining - Ha) You're not whining. you're just thinking out loud.

I have identified with your thots though. I've been, like you, this safe non-risk taker. (the preacher's kid, ya know) One who always makes peace. My mother called me her "take care of it Patrina" :)

The thing that struck me was your comment: "perhaps I'm sucking up more than I should and I just haven't realized it yet."

I think you might be on to something here :) God has shown me how other's can usurp our personal power. Ask Him for revelation into your current season. I will be praying for restoration and new wine to be poured into you! Stand tall! Don't lay down. Fight for your strength - His strength and power in you to overcome.

Patrina <")>><

Chizy K said...

lol.. @ eat for 2
but they're attractive. nicee