Wednesday, August 17, 2011

And there was light.....

I feel like this is my first post ever.
I think I've forgotten how to blog.
(How does one forget how to blog?)
I see I'm not the only one guilty of this crime (if I am allowed to call it that)

What's weird is that I cannot pin point what exactly kept me away from here. As for my life being uneventful, I'm pretty sure if I dig deep I would find some awesome stories to tell *smiley*


It's just gone past the middle of August. Is this year fast or what? I've been married for a little over a year already. Funny how that day seems like yesterday. I still don't feel married. I feel like my best friend and I share an apartment. He's kind to let me stay and I return the favour by keeping him company; with benefits of course *wink*

I need shop therapy.

But before that, I need an additional source of income that would let me splurge on any and everything.

Life really does have a sense of humour.
As kids we were given everything we wanted for free, yet we wanted to grow up fast, now as adults we find out that the grass isn't as green as it looked like from the other side.

Somehow, i wish adult life came first, so that we'd apprecite being kids.

I'm to make myself useful.

~Sirius~ Signing out®


Tee said...

No you are not the only guilty one

I like the way you described's sweet :D

And adulthood can be such a TRAP...not looking forward to getting too old and taken care of though because then I feel I'll think myself a burden instead of the feeling of entitlement I had as a child... :|

Giagerry said...

Awwww! i like the "living with your bestfriend part"--I had a huge smile when i saw that :)

doll said...

now marriage sounds very exciting! i like the way you captured it

enybees-hub said...

Nice post. New follower ;)


Myne Whitman said...

Long time madam!

kitkat said...

aww i hope i can feel that way about m ffuture hubby

Hazel said...

Hey! Good to hve you back, diva!

Tee is so right! Adulthood is such a trap. And to think we couldnt wait to be all grown.


congrats on all the amazing things happening in your life madam!

I'm so excited for you!!!!!

This was such a nice read!

I've been out of blogville for a long time sha...