Thursday, December 25, 2008

...And She was Tagged

CaramelD, here it goes......

where is your cell phone?  On my bed

where is your significant other
? Visiting his parents

your hair color? 
Jet Black

your mother? 

your father? 
Ibo (I like to think I’m mixed- LOL)

your favourite thing? 
My Zen

your dream last night? 
No dream

your dream/goal? 
To be a Household name/ Pilot (Pilot comes 1st)

your hobby? 
Listening to music, Fashion

your fear? 
That I might never know the one thing that would make me my own Bill Gates.

where do you want to be in 6 years? 
At a point where the mention of my name in my relevant field carries an excellent reputation across all related bodies.

where were you last night? 
On my bed

what you're not? 

one of your wish list items? 
Honda Crv 2008

where you grew up? 

the last thing you did? 
Cleaned the Kitchen

your pet? 

your computer? 
Head Office for all my gadgets

your mood? 
Enough mood swings to cause volcanic eruptions

 missing someone? Yes and No

your summer? 
Work, Work and More work.

love someone? .

your favourite colour?
Green After Black 

when is the last time you laughed? 
Less than 10 minutes ago- I laugh a lot

last time you cried? 
4am Christmas morning, we broke up with her.

are you genuine or fake? 
It don’t get no realer than this.

any vices? 
Aaaah…..Sadly none, Uhm may be Music and Magazines.

pro life or wire hanger? 
Pro Life

mccain or obama? 
Seriously?....Obamachukwu all the way!

I hereby Tag whoever is reading this........

So it's Christmas day.......My excitement died 2 weeks back, got my sexy hair done, my sister is around- I didn't know I had missed her so much, Had a fun night out with the girls last week in some of the so called "IT" places- The view from the Penthouse is beautiful. The running around I had to put up with until yesterday drove me nuts! Driving in so much traffic!!! And I couldn't seem to understand why everybody seemed to be in a hurry, so many careless accidents. Now I'm hibernating, enjoying my solitude in the confinments of my bedroom.

And so I spend today watching "Why did I get Married" 

Have a merry Christmas, And don't forget Jesus is the reason for the season......:-)


exschoolnerd said...

Lol...iphone is ur pet!

yeah pretty much doin d same thing..only I will be wtching prison break!!!!


CaramelD said...

Obamachukwu! LOL!!! I'm watching my Fair Lady woo hoo!

Abujamaiden said...

Obamachukwu (from Kenyan to Igbo)?

Merry Christmas!

Just...Toluwa said...

lol @ obamachukwu..

merry xmas sweets!

Anonymous said..., why did you get married?

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

seems like everyone is spending boxing day all snuggled up with a good movie. I loved why did i get married, infact i love all tyler perrys movies except 'the family that preys' i thought that was utter rubbish. Merry christmas to you love and if you ever get tired of your 'pet' ask santa to deliver it right to my door

doug said...

lol@Obamachukwu! Hilarious. Although I think he's actually Obamaosa. ;)

How's the jollificating going?

AlooFar said...

I'm so happy i didn't read this!!!

aloted said...

you broke up with who? i am referring to the last time u cried.


CaramelD said...

Sirus! You want to kill me! i ahd to reject your last comment abeg! Be kind and rewind (or in your case, rewrite). Mags on the way.

LG said...

lolllllllllllllll @obamachukwu'
merryu christmas hon

Jaycee said...

This meme is

I loved "Why did I get married?" Good movie. :)

Funms-the rebirth said...
glad u had a great Christmas day...... and i loved the movie u watched..... and about the last crying time, who broke up with who> im a nosy

FFF said...

u grew up in owerri!!! wow. so did i?

deola said...

Seasons greetings!

Buttercup said...

good luck with ur dream of becoming a pilot!

i love 'why did i get married'!

Anonymous said...

hehehhee...liked evry answer in ur tag

Mz. Dee said...

lmao ipoone is ur pet?!! URE WORSE THAN ME!!!!!

I need to come here more often.. ure funny as hell!!

happy new year!

Anonymous said...

i read does this mean im tagged *acting dullll*

happy new year

tobenna said...

So you're edobo? (edo-ibo)
Your Zen is your mp3 player?
Great. A non apple person.

This household name you plan to be, what field exactly are you referring to?

Writefreak said...

Happy new year...loving your blog, i got you on my list now so i can always stalk you!

I loved Why did i get married! What did you think of it?