Thursday, March 26, 2009

Me & MeMe's....

Warning : Long Post Alert!

Well, well, well……. yours truly ~Sirius~

Yes me…..Sirius,

I’ve been honoured by two different bloggers, Tigeress and BSNC.

Yes, two of them at the same time, with the Honest Scrap Award. Only me (The rest of you don’t hate…..*evil grin, he he he). Appreciate.

My Thank you Speech- I have Out Sourced to Caramel D, she seems to have had enough practice. What say ye Ms D?

And so:-

1.You must brag about it
2.You must include the name of the blogger who bestowed the award on you and link back to the blogger
3.You must choose a minimum of seven (7) blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have seven friends (lol).
4.Show the seven random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with Honest Weblog. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon.
5.List at least ten (10) honest things about yourself. Then pass it on!

I find meme’s hard, but Seeing as I have completed tasks 1 and 2, I shall go ahead and list some honest things about me (Tigeress wants to know more about Sirius)

Be Warned: This specie is quite rare….so here are some honest things about me.

1.   My love for God has no boundaries………….none what so ever. I’m blessed with the gift of faith…’s really, really deep. 

2.   I find it really amusing that I can’t get angry……I don’t know what it feels like to be angry, the closest I’ve ever come to getting angry was when someone ( I don’t talk to) said stuff about me that wasn’t true. (I wanted to bitch slap her face- but my Momma taught me better than that…….so like I always do, I waited for the truth to do the bitch slapping- which of course it did eventually, seeing as nothing is ever hidden under the sun *hiss)

Naturally, I get upset from time to time and after a couple of minutes or hours it fizzles out. Sometimes I try to induce the anger by replaying hurtful words said to me and hurtful things done to me…..but then I start laughing, *disturbing I know- I guess my firm belief in “everybody’s human” has a lot to do with it.

I never get it when people lose it and lash out and say all sorts of “Nansense”. Things they end up regretting. Beats me. 

3.   ~Sirius~ is as stubborn AS A……(complete as you wish), yet quiet- how does that work?  most times I just enjoy it, my way or the high way- it’s up to you. Most people that know me don’t bother anymore. I argue with certain people like there's no tomorrow, and I always seem to have an answer for everything. 

4.   CTU (though it no longer exists) has nothing on me! ~Sirius~ at all times is wired up. My earphones are my adult umbilical cords, can’t survive without them- Music and me. My handbag consists of gadgets, wires and enough cables to blow up blogsville. And oh- my Vicky’s lip gloss. 

5.   My instincts and sixth sense scare the living daylight out of me! It’s so bad that sometimes I think I have super powers- LOL, I kid I kid! to be honest, it freaks me out, especially where matters of the heart are concerned.

6.   I HATE being shouted on. I HATE IT, I HATE IT, I HATE IT!!!! 

7.   I’m one hell of a puzzle… answer is ever right. I cannot be decoded. I react in the least expected ways for any given scenario. 

8.   I am one of the shyest humans to face the planet earth, yet this sexy 5’7” chica happens to be a show stopper- the good part is people just stare and wonder, and I get away easily behind my mean walk, sunglasses and earphones

9.   Most 1st impressions about me are the extreme opposite of who I actually am. In fact a friend said to me “You defy everything you stand for” I’m perceived to be a fragile spoilt snob whose nose is in the air. First of all, Fragile and Sirius don’t go together, I’m a little bit spoilt….yes I am, but my nose is definitely not in the air. Is it my fault God created me a hot goddess. * hiss

10.        Minus the issue of body weight going up and down……I love my body. I call it “The Beach Body” My carefully and wonderfully made- voluptuous- in- the- right-places of a body is quite a work of art- best features are my brown eyes… should see them at sun set. (Don’t be jealous)

11.        I am an Island. I love my world, I love my solitude, can’t be bothered to go out partying, make new friends, meet people- it’s just darn stressful! My fashion magazines, the internet-Blogspot to be exact, facebook- what’s that?, music and  food!!!! keep me going.

12.        ~Sirius~ is NOT a jovial person. She’s Very laid back, calm, collected, listens and observes, a nice to meet you too kind of person, quiet & reserved, but  somehow, whatever environment I find myself, the “it” peeps want a part of me, and this has been the trend from primary school up until the office. So I am the one person you can’t say "show me your friends or the people you hang with and I’d show you who you are."

And now we have: 11 Radom things

Minus the fact that I am a well known Shopaholic.

1.   I drive like a mad man……he he he. It’s the need for speed.

2.   I would love to fly planes…….

3.   I have FBI/CSI skills, they come naturally.

4.   I don’t want a wedding, I just want to be married

5.   Somehow I always end up in the lime light- I don’t fight it anymore, I just ignore.

6.   I suffer a mini…….. ok that’s a lie, just over a mini OCD when it comes to the state of my car and room- NO BAGS ON THE BED PLEASE!

7.   Sadly, I have won a beauty contest- and she’s shy.

8.   I laugh at nearly everything- it can be very annoying

9.   I wish I own a silver Magnum- just so I can clean it, shine it, and look at it everyday

10.  Dita Von Teese is my fashion icon- And to think she doesn’t own a pair of jeans

11. “The Truth” and I are best of friends, no matter how bitter it is. I’d rather know than live in a lie.


This is just a piece of me, reading this will not give you a full insight. I hereby tag Caramel D, LGSmargard, LoliaBaroque, ExSchoolNerd and Cerubus (M, O and MY respectively)

PS: Thank guys for all the comments in my last post. You all know you rock!

PPS: What does MeMe mean?


Anonymous said...

Its 2am and I have to sleep like right now. I will be BACK to read.

Buttercup said...

Wow..we are similar in some ways..

I'm also as stubborn as a mule but quiet as a mouse..

I'm totally shy..

I'm crazy about God but I haven't been showing Him of late :(

Ahh..the music thing..

I'd rather be on my own than with a bunch of people..

I'm also

Ok, except for the height(Im 5'4.5" :( ), u r most likely my long lost twin.. :D

I love speed..

I admire ur dream of being a pilot..

LOL @ the OCD thing..

Ok, this is getting rather long..

Here's to me hoping I'm 1st..

Buttercup said...

Arghhhhhh Temixxxxxx!

simeone said...

see me sprinting to claim first...
this temite sef.....

simeone said...

yeah..u dont get to know people by reading this 1 to 10 and 1 to 25 things o..but this pieces of you give an intersting picture already...

SHE said...

Wow! its only a little, but it sounds like you're quite something!

O'Dee said...

Ah ! I see I'm not the only one with CSI skills.

We sld investigate a crime scene together on blogville.

~Sirius~ said...

@ Temite LOL!!! Temite and her NO. 1 spot...girl i need you to teach me how you do this.

@ BCup, I could tell the similarities when I read yours.....and Darn Temite just has a way of being 1st.

@ Simone LOL.....The one and only Temite again....very interesting picture huh....I wonder what attribute(s) ticked that off?

@ SHE....LOL, I just couldn't stop typing away.

@ O'DEE.....For real!!!! Anytime, we can do this.

aloted said...


do u wear glasses? just a random question

BSNC said...

yay top ten. lol@evil grin.. wow we have alot of things in common 1, 2 , 6, 9 and 10.. i like that" i dont want a wedding, i just want to be married" you got that right..

i check the online dictionary. it says
–noun a cultural item that is transmitted by repetition in a manner analogous to the biological transmission of genes.


wordmerchant said...

lol@i don't want a wedding?...are you sure? get lots of free prezzies and is princess for the day. And you get to boss everyone around for 24 hours!

i hate being shouted just brings out my evil twin sister who i normally keep under lock and key lol

Funms-the rebirth said...

i enjoyed reading all these..... miss beauty queen

simeone said...

u really wanna know..?. the need for speed, FBI, laid back and the silver Magnun..ah..we have "laffin at almost everything" in common tho...and its annoying, i tell you

~Sirius~ said...

@ Aloted.....No sweetheart I don't, had my eyesight checked out for aviation school once and they were fine, not sure I can say that now after a hundred or more

@ BSNC....You!!!! Thanks for the explanation. Weddings are such energy draining tasks!

@ WordMerchant...I really don't want one, I wish I could sleep and wake up and boom! I'm married....evil twin sister huh? You had better keep her locked up.

@ Funms, Glad you did....*waving beauty queen

@ Simeon....I know, I know....I'm drawn to all sorts of odd things, And I know how annoying laughing all the time can be....but that's just me, Life's too much of a hassle to take things too seriously.

Muse said...

crazy "lil" gal. seriously, you're crazy and i like that. we should hook up someday.

Tigeress said...

I have no idea what Meme means.

As for you never getting angry- take that as a gift from God. You are truly blessed.

Glad i tagged you. :)

JustDB said...

Hmmm.. Not gotten really mad in a very loooong time.. discounting the night of 23rd march.. Last time i did I almost strangled a dude -- reason - he snatched my marked physics exam....

Ex Beauty queen and shy? How does that work???

TDVA said...

hmmm, nice read. u sound like a fun package.

and are you serious about not wanting a wedding???

TDVA said...

Meme means 'same' in French, on blogger it means a post that can be modified to suit whomever you tagged. These random things/honest scrap posts are memes.

TDVA said...

actually, means 'self' in French.

check this: In the context of web logs / 'blogs / blogging and other kinds of personal web sites, it's some kind of list of questions that you saw somewhere else and you decided to answer the questions. Then someone else sees them and does them and so on and so on....

Confessions of a London gal said...

"I love my world, I love my solitude, can’t be bothered to go out partying, make new friends, meet people"... Me too! I can be in my room for a week straight without steping out except for food of cos! lol

You dont want a wedding ke? How would i then be bridesmaid??!

Confessions of a London gal said...

Ex beauty Queen? We wanna c pictures now!!!

~Sirius~ said...

@, I'm really not that crazy....

@ Tigeress...Yes I am...*Psst I also happen to be very patient person. TDVA helped me out with the meaning.

@ JustDB, You almost strangled some one!!! Ok, Let me make it worse, Ex beauty queen with a Physics Major....

@ TDVA...I've never been more serious about anything. Thanks for the definition. Kinda figured it was along those lines- couldn't be bothered to google it.

@ COALG....Sweetheart, I promise to hook you up with another fabulous bride, this diva is caught up in her sanity and trying everything in the world to keep it that way!
As per picture *cough cough....that's going to be really hard.

Nefertiti said...

It's nice to know a little bit more about you, Sirius. Somehow, I always pictured you different. Like mischevious, sometimes playful, but ultimately focused chic.

Beauty queen? Lemme find out... ;)

exschoolnerd said...

ill be back to comment..

just wnted to do sm amebo

elizabeth n kenny got married..u remember them ryt?

exschoolnerd said...

serious as a heart attack...saw some pictures on wa some people r truly meant for each other since dat time?!?!?!!?

RocNaija said...

LOL @ FBI/CSI skills..

Hmmm.. So you're one of those hard women to date..

Scraping under your boo's fingernails while he sleeps for residue to be examined in a lab..

Bibi said...

I don't think anyone knows what meme means anymore. Maybe about 'me' about 'me'. Thus meme?

L-VII said...

I enjoyed readling all that, did not pull any punches. I liked it. First time on your blog, I will be reading a lot more of it.

I see on you on the wanting to be married without a wedding deal.


Jaycee said...

It's a good thing that you can't get angry Some of us continuously work on that. He he...

@ Having FBI skills...we're together on that one...LOL. Oh yeah, I hate being shouted at...but the funny thing is, don't we learn from all that shouting sometimes?

U're pretty kewllll! :)

Lolia said...

Lol at your friend saying "You defy everything you stand for"

We're alike in a lot of ways though...As you will discover when I do mine :)

Will get on that soonest dear! xxx

bob-ij said...

How can you not want a wedding...My twin and I are already planning a combined one..(don't ask!)

As for wrong impressions, I get it a lot. Lol, but I'm a sweeting.

I'm so scared of fast drivers. I clutch onto my seat...tightly.


Abujamaiden said...

Is meme a word in the dictionary? Lemme check!

Gourmet Truffle said...

I don't like being shouted at either. Why can't every just talk and we'll all get along just fine?

Dante said...

Ha! Need for speed!
I think we should hook up at a race track and get this over You sound very interesting...a'la Voluptuous...My mind is already racing lol..

Good piece!

doug said...

I used to have that thing with anger. Now I erupt rather frequently.

You love God. Forgive me but somehow I wouldnt have thunk it. lol

Meme - A unit of cultural information transferrable from one mind to another

Internet Meme - A meme (or fad) that spreads quickly through the internet

CaramelD said...

I'm late, ndo. Too lost in my own anger.........

Anywhos I concur, you are a witch! You will say something and 'kpam'! It has happened. I have witnessed this three times, I FEAR YOU!

PS Jack Bauer has nothing on you!LOL

As you are tagging me, na you know when that one will happen!

Afronuts said...

~Sirius~ is as stubborn AS A Goat?

Did u say a silver magnum?'re scaring me...!

Sexkitten said...

Ist time here. Love it. I've always admired a person's ability to be in control of their emotions. This is something I'm beginning to master.

Afrobabe said... described yourself well!!!

ibiluv said...

i'm with you number 1...

stubborn as a goat....*wink*

i'm with you on 6....i see reddddddddddddd


random things......i could do the number 4 too............

so u are one of them female danfo drivers abi?????.........*wink*

Afunto baby! said...

I like the last part about what you said about the in I absolutely loves it...!!

~Sirius~ said...

@ Neffie- Let's see. I'm a little bit of those things, only mischievous with the Mister, not playful *but I get away with that on Blogspot...he he he, and definitely a focused, no nonsense diva.

@ XSN....Tell me something....Destiny.....LOL!

@ D Roc...LOL...I don't need to go that far.I read body Language as well.....Yep I'm that good. Not hard to date- Insane to date.

@ Bibi.LOL, Hence the title of the post Me & Meme..

@ L-VII.....I tell you, it'll save my sanity.....

@ Jaycee...Everybody tells me I'm lucky I can't get angry.....I say I'm blessed, because people lose out somethings in life because of anger....*Pssst...Maybe we should try some crime solving together.

@ Lolia Sweetie......My sister from another mother, I hope those scavengers haven't found you again.

@ Bob-Ij a combined wedding! that's double trouble!!!! Good luck, as much as it's double trouble, I'm sure it'll be double fun too..All the best darling..........PS: AAre you making your sister up?

@ ABJ Madien....They say it's a french word. Did you check?

@ GT.You Know! Please help me ask them!

~Sirius~ said...

@ Dante..It's a date, Sunday, 2'o Clock 3rd mainland Bridge.....A'la Voluptous, Your heart had better quit the race, Superman already got me :-)

@ Doug....Ha! You wouldn't have Thunk it?! Hmmm...Keep those eruptions far's a waste of good energy.

@ Caramel D...Yes we both know I am a witch without powers! And you know it's me and Chloe all the way......

@ AfroNuts....Better be sccccared. yea yea, she's as stubborn as a goat.

@ SexKitten.It's the most divine feeling ever.......Makes life easy for me.

@ Afro....I try abi.....LOL!

@ Ibiluv..LMAO! You and who is a dafo driver.....Yes oh! my beach it!

@ A Baby....I mean, what's the point of living in can only lead to doom, I'd rather suck up the truth, gives me the power I need to get to the future I intend for myself.

Anonymous said...

Instincts, mine are simply almost (okay, may not be wrong to say always) spot-on, wish sometimes it wasn't.

...being shouted on. I hate being put on the spot.

A snob, used to that....when a quiet person is being met; the usually first impression had is behold a snob. Wrong, i daresay....key in to the person and a totally different person you will come to know.

TDVA said...

madame, update abeg o.