Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Life, Fooled Me!

If you bargain in lira

Life won’t pay you in dollars

If you bargain with a frown

Life won’t reward you with smiles

If you bargain in menial’s hire

Life would pay you in menial’s wage

If you bargain in laziness

Life won’t bring motherluck to you

If you bargain in deceit

Life would pay in cruelty

If you bargain with pride

The end result would be a thunderous fall

If you bargain in risk

Life would pay you in uncertainty

If you bargain in coins

Life won’t reward you in notes

If you bargain in confidence

Life would pay you in surety

If you bargain flippantly

Life would reward somebody else


Life is a Servant

It gives what you Ask

Bargain with life in Hardwork

Life would reward you in Success

~Sirius’ Boss~

A new quarter of the year begins today, I wonder if the people who made resolutions have kept them up to this point. I’m quite satisfied with my achievements so far this year…….Last month had me overwhelmed by God’s goodness in my life, thereby renewing my faith on another level

Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I just got fooled by the Mister, 2nd year in a row and almost the same thing!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! What bites me is I love to feel smart, and I was sooooooo prepared for him this year, until he told me his latest acquired gadget had crashed- Seeing as we lost an Ipod touch and a PS3 (all less than 2 months old) to crashing at Christmas (we had to replace them or life would be unbearable, and by we- I gave my consent……lol- HAPPY BOYFRIEND= HAPPY ME)- it was hard not to believe…… I’LL GET YOU BACK!!!!! (My mind was already swearing for the company) By the way people- APPLE has the best customer Service you can think about (This is NOT an Advertisement J)- I got a new replacement for the broken Ipod touch without paying a dime!

Off to prepare for a meeting with guys who don’t smoke but produce cigariettes- how ironic.

Happy New Month Guys........NO FOOLING AROUND!


LG said...

i berra be 1sttttttttttttttt

happy april fullls day hon'

cerberus said...

wow!!! it seems this is a first first.

Deep Prose

I second the Apple customer care it's just the Nigerian companies are rip offs

LoL@ Produce cigarretes but don't smoke. That should be an anti smoking campaign message.

M of the Cerberus

K said...

i love the poem?.... as for April Fools day I forgot it was today and thank god that my friends and family forgot too...I'm too gullible!

CaramelD said...


I would have loved to see your face!

Freaksho said...

how, on earth, do you crash a ps3?? is this even possible? travesty!

O'Dee said...

Produce cigarretes but dont smoke...

happy new month.

Rita said...

Lovely poem...I like the quote from your boss.

Happy New Month to you too...

Gee said...

ill manage to read!

Gee said...

lol...ive been planning wat to do 4 april fools day 4 my boifrend o...cant seem to come up with any!
except the cliche one of breaking up but like i sed its cliche!
happy new month missy..

Dabizniz said...

Nice post

Sirius Can you update the title on your blogroll for my blog

Thanks in advance

Bibi said...

Good for you. I am also happy with my year so far. God has been good. As for your boyfriend fooling you, hehehe. I know how frustrating that can be.

Screamer said...

Unlike you I have never fell for any of those April fool's pranks, they try... they try very hard to get me, I guess they should try harder.

Like you, I loooove to feel smart.

Happy new month to you too though.

RocNaija said...

Never had anything to do with apple before..

But my Sony vaio is messing me up now, so I'm seriously contemplating a MacBook..

Nefertiti said...

I like the notes on life, they are all facts.

On the people that don't smoke but sell cigarettes, isn't that hypocrisy on some level?

Happy new month to u too, darling!

Muse said...

don't look at me. i got fooled meself.

wordmerchant said...

Nice poem...we should enjoy life while we can

Happy new month

Tigeress said...

I like. :)

Happy new month to you too? lol

Jaycee said...

Happy new month! Lol @ you getting tricked...twice.

Funms-the rebirth said...

Life gives you what u bargain for......... true... happy new month dearie

Tigeress said...

Cld have sworn i left a comment earlier on wish u a happy new month. eemmm.... strange.

Naughty Eyes said...

Love the poem...
Got fooled by my younger bro despite all the "precautions". And I used to think I was too smart for this.
Been a while since I was here.
How are you doing?

Anonymous said...

You are right if you mean that no matter what you bargain for Life still f*cks u up big time. But then again dont mind me, I am a bit unhappy! lol.
awwww you two sound so CUTE!

tobenna said...

Your boyfriend sounds too much like me. At least, gadget wise.
I used to produce cigarettes meself without smoking for a few years in Lagos.
I can see you've learnt the technique. For me its HAPPY WIFE = HAPPY ME

tobenna said...

By the way, can you hook me up with the strong torrent sites?

QMoney said...

yes oh,all these about life is so correct.
my mister actually waits to fool me later in d week,we are still both pretendn like av forgotten now,am so
yeah,i hear most people dat work in BAT dont smoke!!

Afrobabe said...

lol...I just got had at vera's....the silly girl...first time I am falling for any april fools thing in a longgggggggggg long time...

Rose said...

Your Boss surely doesn't mince words...Smart guy...
You got played by the mister eh??

Happy new month dear...

BSNC said...

nice poem. .. he got you two times in a i can't even remember some of my new year's revolution

TDVA said...

i love gadgets. i love guys that love gadgets. actually, make that guys that have gadgets :)

Buttercup said...

Wise words by ur boss..very wise..

Aww @ u and the

Chari also tried to fool me but was quick to shout "April Fool!" before I cud even digest what he had just told me..hehe

Happy new month sweets!

Writefreak said...

Happy new month!
I thank God for your renewed commitment to him!

Omo Oba said...

First time on here, will be back to sniff around some more :)
A new quarter it is, happy new month to u 2.

blogoratti said...

Twice bitten...err don't let it happen again,lol*

webround said...

happy new month

Smaragd said...

Happy new quarter missy.

welcome back to naija! i like the words of wisdom.

what did boyfee fool u with?

simeone said...

i lurv this sirius..u hav all the right to tell everyone to drop it like it's hot..cos u did it first..
happy new month..bless you.

MissLove said...

yippie I wanna be sirius boss!!! lol tew mad ok I am being silly but nice advice right thur!!!