Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Suga J & B......

*Random (Song(s)) Post


The real world is trying to suck me in, trying to steal my Mojo, Never............I Defy it!

 People are All the same

And we only get judged by what we do


Work has been crazy, and life crazier. Suffered a serious case of insomnia last night.....

So bad, I did the dishes at 1:50 am, cleaned the kitchen- ipod in ear, washed  random things, arranged clothes, picked out my outfit for work.....went back to bed and still no sleep.......Ipod still plugged in and the time is now 4:38am, Lying down- music drowning my soul. I would have to get up for work at 6:10am.......It's amazing the songs you connect with at such odd hours- And why does the Ipod skip the everyday songs at this time of the night?

So Just like a Pill- by Pink begins to play........

I haven't moved from the spot where you left me
This must be a bad trip
All of the other pills, they were different
Maybe I should get some help

I can't stay on your life support, there's a
shortage in the switch,
I can't stay on your morphine, cause its making me
I said I tried to call the nurse again but shes
being a little bitch,
I think I'll get outta here, where I can

Run just as fast as I can
To the middle of nowhere
To the middle of my frustrated fears
And I swear you're just like a pill
Stead of makin' me better, you keep makin' me

This song has my ex written all over it. Last week was his birthday, and Nope I didn't play Miss Nice. No phone call, No text and No email. I'm Not on FaceBook and neither is he so scratch that too.

Life is really funny and share the world with someone for as long as 6 years, you think the world revolves around only the two of you, and then a couple of months down the line, you don't even have the person's phone number.

You move on...........And find out there's another world out there, way better than what you had.

I have a hard time understanding some things in life, it has to do with the human race and how the think or process right from wrong, or even worse, how they don't have a line separating right from wrong knowing fully well that every action they take affects the next person.

The fact that my lines are clear doesn't mean others should have clear lines, right?- Wrong.

B finds her way through my earphones and steals my heart with this song, since sleep has refuse to find me.

Me myself and i
That's all i got in the end
That's what i found out 
And it ain't no need to cry
I took a vow that from now on

I'm gonna be my own best friend

Me myself and i
I know that i will never disappoint myself
I must have cried a thousand times
All the ladies if you feel me
Help me sing it now
I can't regret all the times spent with you
you hurt me
But i learned a lot along the way
After all the rain
You'll see the sun come out again
I know that i will never disappoint myself


At the end of the day, we only have ourselves. Our happiness lies in our own hands, Don't expect someone else to make you happy. (Married folks are exempted.......I think*)


bumight said...

whats with everybody battling insomnia?

and u plugged ur ipod into your ear? wrong move! - you should have counted sheep instead!

CaramelD said...

No man is an island but at the same time the ones closest to you have the power to hurt you the most.

Abeg try and sleep!

Tigeress said...

hisssssssss! while i was busy being 1st on Bumights post- she was busy being 1st here.

Tigeress said...

We determine our own happiness. I like this post. :)

As for u staying up- there HAS to be something on ur mind. Whatever it may be- take it easy and trust God to..........

UnderCover07 said...

CaramelD said it best; in as much as it is up to us to make ourselves happy and not depend entire on others, I think as humans we are naturally wired to depend on each other in one way or another.

Last year I ended a 3yr relationship (not as lng as urs sha oo) and thought to myself how and where do I begin...but today, am good! And you will be too.

God doesn't start wivout finishing;He will see u thru it all to ur happy ending!

miz-cynic said...

i have a recent post similar to this sirius, u shd chk it out.i so feel my case i was feeling dido's "see u when ur forty"

MilesPerHour said...

I love the way you used lyrics in between your thoughts. Great idea and very cool.

Writefreak said...

Well your happiness shouldn't depend on others...which is why i told a friend that i enjoy my own company last week...but then, no man is an island! We need others...

BSNC said...

Abeg try and sleep oo and take things easy..

RocNaija said...

I can so relate to music holding special meanings at specific periods in life..

Listening to the iPod to drift off was a wrong move though..

I do wonder if your ex was expecting you to play nice though..

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

insomnia is horrible especially if you have to wake up early for work, sometimes i actually cry coz im thinking its 4am im still awake and I have to get up in a few hours...totally suks

ibiluv said...

next time

read a textbook.....a war book or war movie or listen to crickets.....*wink*

RocNaija said...

Seems a regular theme in blogville..
love... happiness..

Nice post!

Abujamaiden said...

I was thinking about the same (relying on someone for hapiness). I'm into being Miss Independent but when people don't do little sweet favors, I start feeling like they don't care even if I could have afforded doing 'whatever' on my own. Maybe I'm just spoilt/ love pampering/ independent but craving dependence.

6years? Well there are 3billion more men sha.

@Bumight...count sheep? Its horses I used to know but does that work?

Rita said...

...And find out there's another world out there, way better than what you had... I like

Married folks are not exempted really...nobody is expected to make the other happy

Hope you are not tired today

Funms-the rebirth said...

ur so right, we determine how happy we get. i feel u on d ex thing, on that road now. its strange one min ur best friends, the next u dont even speak. oh well such is life..... its me myself and i........ and hope u wont doze at work o

mizchif said...

I love your conclusion, cuz in the end who you really have is yourself, it would just not do to put your hapiness in another person's hands.

6yrs is definitely a long time, but you know what, i'm sure it'll all work out for the best.

Muse said...

welcome to the club babe. here's dr. muse's prescription: pap. yep. take hot pap just before you go to sleep. it's guaranteed to knock you out...and block your bum (ifuknowaramean)

Naughty Eyes said...

I love the mix of thoughts and lyrics. And despite what most people say, I only drift off to music nowadays.
Was kinda uneasy reading this (I think the 6 years was responsible) but I like the post. A friend of mine ended a 7-year relationship just last year and she's finally getting married this year... Made me wonder if they weren't right when they said: Every breakup brings us closer to the one we are really meant to be with"
Enough of the cheesy talk: GREAT post!

@ Bumight: Can't figure why insomnia's catching. Personally, I think we're worrying too much hence less sleep.

JoanPeck said...

The joys and inspiration of insomnia, huh? I enjoyed reading through the lyrics and your thoughts... lol!!!

Smaragd said...

i like the songs.

pele with the insomnia dear.

u are not on fb? u must be a strong person! lol

and yep! i've always believed that my happiness is not in anybody's hands, pple can only add to my joy NOT determine it.

LusciousRon said...

That song by Beyonce helped me survive many bad episodes. Hope you are feeling well rested now.