Wednesday, April 17, 2013

She's backkkkk...

Well….at least for now J

It’s mid-April already, this year seem to be on a roller coaster.
I did find myself after my last post. I reconnected to Jesus and every other thing fell into place.
*Someone shout Halleluiah!

I've always had a hard time trying to figure out my passion or what I was created to do. I still haven’t figured it out, time and chance haven’t quiet made their way to me and it makes me feel bad sometimes.
On the other hand, there are things I love to do/ things I think I would love to do (but when I see how other people express themselves in those areas, I tell myself, Naa…you don’t know jack! Don’t bother, just admire them from a distance)

*That’s bad…and I know this.

I have decided to take my life/destiny into my own hands and take a leap of faith and NO… I am not launching a fashion line/ style house (yet) or becoming a nutrition expert (yet) and neither am I becoming a weight loss coach any time soon.
But the things I love to do, I will continue to do and enjoy them, learn more about them, become better at them and wait for time and chance to have a date with me J

As you all know the reality of motherhood is quiet heavy.
1.       You lose your body
2.       You lose “me” time
3.       You come last on the list
4.       You become a super human being  joggling life, work & family
Just to mention a few.

I never really got my pre pregnancy body back after my darling N was born. I did look super 3 months after (almost back) to my normal weight and size and somehow I lost it after that.
I tried all sorts of short cuts (silly me) and of course none worked! Spending money that I should have used on fabrics and paying a tailor to bring my designs to life. hissss
Now I am currently on the only thing that works. Sensible eating and exercise!!!

I have gone on this journey more than 2ce in my life time and the key ingredients are patience and discipline! However with my new lifestyle, those 2 ingredients are very far off (my patience is reserved for N- the most hyper active kid ever).  I decided to try one last time, and……drum roll! After 1 month I tried on my wedding dress, and I was able to zip it to the top! Yaaaay! HUGE MILESTONE.  (I did look fuller and more womanly, no thanks to childbearing hips)

Now my goal for weight loss is to get a six pack *coughs*

Timeline is 1 year.  Slow and steady they say wins the race.
I will go into details in my next couple of posts, on my weight loss journey (especially nutrition habits with Nigerian foods), exercising.
I need to do this for myself… just in case I find myself in the same boat again.

As for my love for fabrics, styles &designs. I will also post about them in whatever form I choose to.
Best believe, I will be my own model for some posts….whoop whoop!
I'm so done with remaining anonymous.

Have a great Wednesday people!!!

~Sirius~ Signing out….


Myne Whitman said...

Wow, welcome back. Do you know of the bloggers weight loss challenge? Check out Sting's blog. I look forward to your fashion posts :)

Gee | EverythingWeddingsAndMore said...

Dunno how long you've been out but I can definitely relate to being off blogger and coming back...especially catching up!

Welcome back :)

Toinlicious said...

Welcome back and goodluck with your weight-loss journey. Sting's blog os on break for now but you can check here and join in the challenge:

CaramelD said...

Whoo hoooo! I want fashion designs toooooo! Post, post, post!

Hazel said...

I CANNOT WAIT for the fash posts *almost typed fashpar* andf yes, the journey back to pre-pregnancy bod can be so discouraging. The money thrown away in search of quick fixes, i for don finish my house for village.