Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hey, It’s OK

… change outfits seven times…..and then go back to the 1st one.

…to take everything off before stepping on the scales – underwear, jewellery, even your hair band.

…..if lettuce turns liquid in your fridge long before it has the chance to become salad, after all your intentions were good.

…to always order the second-cheapest wine on the list.

…to forward his first email to your friends for peer review.

…to give up on fork and knife and use your hands.

….to think that the solution for dying batteries is pressing harder on the remote.

…..if you don’t belong to an online “community”. You’ve got plenty of real ones, thanks.

….if you do not own expensive shoes, a car or a man.

…..if you’re not quite sure where to look when he gets out of bed naked.

…to think that playing hard to get is ridiculous and dishonest, but you do it anyway.

… ask for what you’re owed: an apology, money, a massage.

….to tell him the lingerie he bought for you is too big when it’s really too ugly.

….to complain about how many weddings to have to go to, but get seriously offended if not invited for one.

….not to delete your ex from your mobile. You know, at least for now.

….if every now and then you feel like giving your sister a good punch.

….if the only place you have ever had sex is in the bedroom.

…….if you’re still not sure what your favourite colour is.

…if you do not feel bad for celebs who split up. It’s not as if you know them!

…..if you have to fake it for the millionth time, after all they never know the difference…..:-)


greyamethyst said...

Interesting the way you are very welcome to blogsville.I think we're age mates here sef.

Freaksho said...

i'll have you know that pressing down on the remote IS the solution for weak batteries!

~Sirius~ said...

@ greyA, thank you, heading right over to your spot, age mates really.....interesting.
@ freaksho, LMAO!!!!, i see you are guilty of that crime, like the rest of us.

ibiluv said...

lol on celebs........they dont sympathise with moi when i get broke........*wink*.....

~Sirius~ said...

Sympathising with us is good enough, but unfortunately they don't even know us talk more of sympathysing with us, MMcheww! Nothing do us jare, broke and on the way to richville.......

Buttercup said...

Where the hell have i been??

Loved it! Thanx for lettin us know it really is!

Im a month late but welcome all the same!