Tuesday, September 2, 2008

To Want or Not To Want.....

So i stumbled onto this on geishasong (Please permit me~ Nice blog by the way)
Reading this sent chills running down my spin, as per My goodness! these words were taken right out of my mouth. I guess i'm not the only one in whatever phase i'm in......

I want to know that we can argue and i can scream at you without you walking out on me forever

I want to know that we can talk and you wont look down on me cuz you're older. 

I want to know that you'll try to work things out even when you're angry. 

I want to know what makes you switch moods in a second - I want to know how to make you switch back to your smile. 

I want to be able to talk to you when you've blocked everybody else out. 

I want to know that you'll stay with me when i'm rude, 

when you're hurt, 

through it all. 

I want to know, to understand you. 

I don't know any of that, yet you think we can make a future work? 

I don't want to wake up in the middle of the night wondering what i'v done wrong. 

I don't want to pick my words with you, trying not to tick you off. 

I don't want to live uncertain for the rest of my life. 


Anonymous said...

i feel you strongly in this post.
at a time in my life it was just like this.
well... now it still kinda is.

hope u don't mind if i peek in once in a while.

~Sirius~ said...

@ anonymous, Please free to peek.